MY DIARY GAME SEASON 3...19/09/2021..My First Post As A New Member On How I Spend My Sunday


Greetings great family. Welcome to my blog. Am grace

Woke up this morning took care of myself and went to church.
As a student living inside the school I choose to be going to church inside school. I really love here and am also contributing to the development of the church here as an active member.

After service I dress up and went to meet my friends so we can read together for tomorrow exam.
Exam is starting tomorrow and we do have alot to do.
As best friends we have to put our heads together to achieve something great.

Friends that matters
Loving the friends I choose.
This are friends that matters. We love to care for each other and always striving hard to get to a greater heights.

Thanks for reading. God bless!

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Thank you for sharing your dairy with us here, truly we all need friends to keep going. nice dairy but try to be more detailed next time. And less I forget I wish you success in your exams!