DREAMS by @hazmat

3개월 전

We all have Dreams,

I wish or You wish "it is what it is",

Whenever we think of something,

Our heart yearns for it,

You see this life is not easy,

Ups and downs naso e be,

But without dreams who are we,

We would just be like zombies,

No happiness and no reason to live,

That why no matter how hard it seems,

Never give up on what you feel,

Because your strength is in what you believe,

Everyday that you wake up in the morning,

I want you to keep your head high and see

If you'll ever give up anything, don't let it be ur dreams,

To whom it may concern

No matter how tough

I originally wrote this for my girlfriend but I decided to rewrite and share it here for everyone who's about to give up on their dreams. Africa is hard, bad governance and economy. But we have to keep pushing and not let up till our perseverance pays off.
Good morning to you all and don't let up on that DREAM.

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