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Welcome everyone to week 4 of season 2 in the steemit engagement challenge contest. Just like usual, I will be using this medium to present to you all the topics of this contest running through this seven different communities and also give you a unique hash tag that will be needed for this week's contest. Let's get started.

Communities and their unique hashtags

As we all know, the engagement challenge has come to it last week and this contest run through seven different communities and the name, as well as the contest topic and the unique hashtag required for this week engagement is seen below.

(1) Scouts y sus Amigos: [ESP-ENG] Steemit Engagement Chalenge, season 2, week 4, Mi trabajo / Ocupación.

#scoutsysusamigos-s2w4 #challenge2-week4

(2) SteemAlive: Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 (Week 4)| The Worst day and the best day of your life - A true life story!

Hashtags: #s2w4-steemalive

(3) Steemit Azerbaijan: Steemit Enagement Challenge ||💖💙||Season2, Week #4 ||💚|| My work life and Steemit

Hashtags: #challenge2-week4 #myworklife #steemexclusive #steemitazerbaijan #country

(4) Steem for Better Life: Steemit Engagement Challenge Season2 #week4 | Your Involvement in Acts of Kindness

Hashtags: #steemforbetterlife-s2-w4

(5) Steem4Nigeria: Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W4 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | Your dream about Steem/Steemit in your country:

Hashtags: #steem4nigeria-s2w4

(6) Urdu Community: Steemit Enagement Challenge || Season2, Week #4 ||How weather effect our life and play important role ? which of weather do you like and why you like it

Hashtags: #urducommunity-s2w4, #weather-s2w4

(7) Steemit Crypto Academy: Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 2 Week 4 - What are NFTs?

Hashtags: #cryptoacademy-s2w4

Know your club status and know the tag to use

1- For #club5050: You must ensure you power up to half I.e 50% of your total earnings for one month period. For example, from 27th May to 27th June is one month. Hence 50% of the earnings within this period must be powered up.

2- For #club75: You must ensure you power up 3 times or 75% of your total earnings for two months period. For example, from 27th April to 27th June is two months. Hence 75% or 3 times of the earnings within this period must be powered up. This means if you earn 100 steem within this period you are expected to power up 75 steem.

3- For #club100: You must ensure you power up all your total earnings for the last 3 months. This means that everything you earn must be powered up. For example, from 27th March to 27th June is 3 months, and you will have to power up everything you earn within this period.

To check your club5050, club75 and club100 status, kindly click on the link below. https://www.steemcryptic.me//club5050


I want to believe that these hashtags have helped users as well as community admins and moderators to track all the entries made in the contest and it also helps them to review and attend to them accordingly. For all users, you can read through other people's articles using this very hashtag without necessary searching for their article.

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