Crypto Investment & Risk : You Can Either Win Or Lose

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During this Bear season, I've been researching different people's perspectives on risks since it's surprising to come to terms with how certain individuals define risk. However, when I try to comprehend their definition of risk, I find it to be pragmatic, too strict, and sometimes difficult to comprehend.

One thing I've learned is that there are no safer risks; all we have are calculated and uncalculated risks. Whatever it is, there's no guarantee of safety; it's just that the former has a better chance of success.

When Bitcoin reached its all-time high of around $69K, many individuals wished they'd bought it when it was cheaper. But, were these wishes sincere, made out of love for Bitcoin or even investor instincts? No. These wishes were primarily motivated by loss and greed for me, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Procrastination with Money

People lament the fact that they did not make successful decisions, but they also do not want to be in a position where they must make such a decision, especially since they do not know if it will be beneficial and worthwhile in the future. Let's take a look at it from a different perspective.

Nobody knows what the future holds for any investment, whether it's stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrency. Only signs or potential can be used to forecast the future.

Procrastination with money, on the other hand, is one of the reasons why people don't invest when they could. This is because their fear of losing money outweighs any potential rewards, but this is counterbalanced by the subconscious awareness that they may or may not be making a mistake.

When it comes to investing, no one is a full winner or loser; we're all a little of both, and it's difficult to be a winner on your own.

You Can Win Or Lose

When it comes to investment, we have a proclivity towards being permutative and predictive. Since we can't predict the future, there is always the possibility that we may be losers or winners; the ratio is determined by factors such as risk management and decision-making brilliance.

Buying bitcoin when it's cheap might go either way. This is something that everyone understands. This is the source of procrastination; it stems from a sense of insecurity, but people gradually realize that if they don't buy when they should, they may be to blame.

When it comes to buying on the cheap, though, procrastination is beneficial since it allows investors to think about their options. It only becomes illogical when people lament the fact that they were not in a position to buy.

Is Risk Good As The Final Result?

Risk is a relative term; sometimes it's lauded when it produces results, and other times we see the vanity when it doesn't. I believe that our lives are constructed on a foundation of danger, and that total stability is really a mirage. There's one thing about crypto that I've discovered. Some people want others to fail in the same way they have.

They aren't only hoping that the financial decisions they didn't make would pay off for those who took the risk. They also hope that these individuals would be unable to verify themselves. People who believe an investment opportunity is doomed to fail try everything they can to persuade others of the same.

This isn't something they're doing out of the goodness of their hearts. When it comes to investment, one subjective element of humans is that some people want to earn from an investment on their own, but they don't want to fail on their own. This is an unpleasant reality. Nonetheless, it's absurd to believe that individuals should fail because they failed as well.

Influencers Affecting Your Instincts

One of the reasons why people are hesitant to invest is because they have been given financial advice from so-called "influencers." While these people are rarely wrong, they aren't always right. By definition, the life we live is risky; there is no assurance of stability, even when we appear to be stable.

Some investment give people a sense of security. A person who has a billion dollars, for example, may feel wealthy, but this is merely an illusion. Realistically, the stability that this money provides is eroding on a daily basis as it is used.

Some people want to live in a cocoon of security, so taking chances becomes nonsensical for them. Life often presents us with possibilities, but the circumstances or challenges that accompany these opportunities are the reasons why we sometimes procrastinate; this is the same situation that exists when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.

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