My Investment Loss Experience With Terra LUNA

3개월 전

It has been a horrible week for me, I was robbed on Sunday night, and I lost some dollars in LUNA investment.

So there have been a lot of conflicting views over the LUNA fall, with the majority of individuals expressing regret and sadness for investing in LUNA, while others are rejoicing for profiting from the disaster, however mine went wrong, which I will discuss later in this article.


LUNA, a Top 10 Cryptocurrency, has quickly devolved into a shitcoin. A coin that was good and doing well only a few weeks ago has now devolved into a large investment tragedy, and the CEO of LUNA Do WON's laid-back attitude is leading many people to question whether the project was actually a legitimate project or a scam project all along.

I'm not sure if it was a scam all along, but I can't speak for others, but this LUNA saga has made a lot of people obscenely rich and a lot of people relatively poor, and it's so unfortunate that those who have been harmed are far outnumbering those who have benefited from it in the past few days. I've an international friend that bought $8k worth LUNA of LUNA and during the fall, his $8k investment has turned to $6, he was literally crying when he was telling me, I felt very sad. I can hardly picture how he feels right now, and I don't want to be in his shoes. A lot of people like that loses their live savings on this LUNA fall.

Anyway, here's my loss story, while I didn't lose much: have you ever had that sensation when you know what you're about to do is terrible, but you're like, "What the world says, just do it," like I was on this sad day?

I know investing in Luna is wrong and not a smart financial wise investment given of the current fall and all, but I see it dumping and pumping, so I used $116 worth of BTC (0.00395BTC) that I know I won't mind losing, so I purchased in at $0.7, expecting it will surge back to $4 or $4.3 so I can see X5 of my investment.


It was a late night trade and I slept off thinking LUNA would rise before morning and I'll take profit, I woke up and check my wallet and what I saw was very bad. I couldn't cry I was shaking and was down.

I was attempting to profit from the pump and dump strategy and got caught; my $116 investment was now worth $0.02 as the LUNA price continues to fall.

I've already learned my lesson, and after talking to some of my crypto friends about it, I'm now Dollar cost averaging into better investments and gradually building my portfolio, while waiting for the bull run to begin.

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I must say this is a scam I totally agree with you on this there is no other explanation to it.


Not sure if it's a scam, I think they are planning LUNA2.0


Yep I heard too, but this project cost people a lot, a YouTube influencer who invested $2M his money is now worth a mere $50 so don't know how else to describe such an insane thing

I too experience this tragic event, it was me, @victoh78,@weasell and @swaylee. We saw that Luna was experiencing a massive dip and we thought it would rise up by day break so we all bought Luna at the same time and slept off. Waking up in the morning, we noticed our account was reading negative 😂, it was a funny and sad experience sha but that's just how life is.


Binance I still looking for me 😂😂 to pay my debt


I lost some money alright but I definitely didn't loose as much as you did man😂😂😂 you and Victorh lost the most. My 30 steem is reading 4 naira right now

So sorry about this man, I tried calling too, not going through...

So sorry about the robbery and the LUNA lost, I also lost a quite number of money...

I'll give you a call tonight bro

@tayetaiwo, Thanks for sharing with us on @campusconnect , Continue sharing your quality contents with us here we love and appreciate your effort ,Thanks