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Most of the time, we become lost trying to figure out who we are and where we belong. I've seen myself in this situation multiple times, and while I'm sure it's not the same for everyone, I'm sure it is for others.

Given the current state of affairs, it is frequently advised that instead of focusing all of your efforts on acquiring a single skill, you should diversify your skills and learn a variety of skills to be safe. As a result, many people are learning more than one skill at a time and attempting to pay equal attention to all of them at the same time.

It's strange how we assume diversification is a simple and quick method to expand, yet it actually stops us from focusing on what we really want. Or, should I say, it would keep us perplexed about the best ways to balance our attention on individual skills?

For me, I am someone who has a lot on his table, which means I am involved in a lot of things at once. From personal experience, I am not as focused as I once thought I was and may have lost my way. What does it mean to be focused, and why do I say that?

Being focused entails having a defined objective,, and an eye on the future reward of one's work.

Now let discuss those points that I've highlighted

Having a defined objective

When you claim you have a defined objective, you're implying that your mind is concentrated in one direction and is only moving in that direction. It does not imply that you split yourself in two to pass through two paths at the same time because you have two paths that lead to distinct destinations.


Someone who doesn't know the road he wants to take most likely lacks direction and a defined objective. We can conclude that such a person is perplexed, and that he will not accept the success he aspires to, preferring instead to accept whatever outcome life offers him, even if it is significantly less than what he desires.

Eye on the future reward of one's work

You must have a high-level and detailed explanation of where your destination will be. How would you get to your goal if you didn't know where you were going? This is what I refer to an eye on the future reward of one's work


Consider someone who is attempting to diversify but has no clear focus. Would such a person have a detailed description of how their destination will be? The truth about life is that we can do multiple things at once, but we will never achieve tremendous things compared to someone who has their whole attention and already knows what they want.

Now, ask yourself if you're still dealing with what you want for yourself and creating that part of your life, or you're one of those who's lost in focus and trying to go in two places at once.

I want you to understand that accepting your place in this group now is not a bad thing; it is preferable to know now rather than later regret it.

Efforts Made In The Direction Of The Objective

Someone with a keen eye on the future reward of his/her work would undoubtedly have the time to devote sufficient effort to accomplishing their objectives. There would be very few distractions from the reward if any at all. There would be no bus stops or cruise rides that would take you in the opposite direction of your aim. You would arrive at your destination more faster than someone with a distracted mind since your mind would be fixed and straight.

Myself In This Case

I've assessed myself based on all of the questions I've asked and discovered that I've lost my way. And it's better for me to tell it and know it now, rather than later. I'm not ashamed to admit that because it's the only way I can improve myself. I think I'll drop the pen here.

I hope you also check and access yourself, and ask yourself this question? Do I've a defined objective? Do I've an eye on my future rewards?

If you're being sincere with yourself then you'll definitely get an answer, the answer gotten will then assist you in reaching your life objective.

Feel free to talk to someone today, pour out your mind and no your path.

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