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This will happen Sunday the 24th May on the @greenhouseradio at @canna-curate's discord server.

Live at 11am PDT / 02pm EDT / 06pm UTC / 03am JST

For this upcoming Topic of Discussion it would seem obvious it should be about Hard Fork 23.
Please read this post to get all the information regarding this upcoming update to the steem blockchain.

There is a lot of heated discussions going on right now about the implications of this Hard Fork.
Some comments of this nature

" here comes something the people didn't get a chance to 'vote' on"
to the other side of
" finally..get the fucking crybabies out of the way" .

No matter your point of view we implore ALL to join us this Sunday to discuss the recent developments of Steem. We hope to help forge a brighter future through collaboration of the Steem community as a whole.

The Forum

This is Your Personal Invitation

@justyy @steemchiller @steemhunt @dev.supporters @zzan.witnesses @dlike @jayplay.witness @snackplus @indo.witness @ayogom @skuld2000.wit @segye.witness @the707 @bukio @symbionts @steem-dragon @hinomaru-jp @hoasen @future.witness @matreshka @maiyude @parse @cryptoking777 @menacamel @rlawlstn123 @steem-agora @roadofrich @fuli @cn-witnesses @smt-wherein @exnihilo.witness @block-buster @surpassinggoogle @familyonline-tv @helloworld.wit @ciska

to join us and all Steemians who are ready to find solutions to the issues we are experiencing on the blockchain! Together we create a brighter future for all those who use steem as their blog!

Please use the following Guidelines so we all will have a pleasant experience... Thank you!

Communication requires a conscious perception of the value of each word, which together in a sentence results in a unique energy. This verbally expressed energy is received and processed differently by each and everyone.

That contributes to a large extent to the fact that misunderstandings can arise, which can then lead to excessive demands on the participants in the conversation. This excessive demand shows itself often in absurd, irrelevant expressions, which are then, by some, unconsciously interpreted as an insult.

To have the "civilized" Conversation we're all looking for, please:

  • Respect Your Nature!
  • Be Impeccable With Your Own Word!
  • Handle Everything From A Neutral Point!
  • Be Sincere / Honest!
  • Find Truth By Asking Kindly!
  • Always Give Your Best To One And All!


Thanks for being awesome! Thanks for your support! And thanks for listening to the Green House Radio Online!

Stay tuned 😎 and have an excellent time! CU around over at Canna-Curate!

A special "Thank You" to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 @steemcurator4 for helping spread our effort to so many. It has been very encouraging to see all the positive reply.

Respect & Grooviness

Your GHRO Team
@fracasgrimm & @mondoshawan
#SteemOn #ComeGROWwithGHRO

Inbetween the Shows have Some Earfood


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This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration04

We hope to help forge a brighter future through collaboration of the Steem community as a whole.

You didn't care about what the community has to say in the past. And now it's too late.

Steemians who are ready to find solutions to the issues we are experiencing on the blockchain!

Greatest Problem: Funds can be seizes by @justinsunsteemit. It doesn't matter what the people did who's funds where confiscated. @justinsunsteemit has shown that he can and will seize funds.

My investment is not save here any more and that damage can never be undone.


I can assure you, GHRO/CANNA has always cared. We do not represent any ONE set group of people or interests here.
You mentioned freezing funds..are you aware HF 22 froze justinsun's funds first? Are you just reciting the cherry picked narrative of victim?
Our goal through this forum is to build a better relationship with witnesses and community to avoid such things in the future.
Feel free to join us as you have some interest, as reflected by the time you took to comment here.
Maybe take a few more minutes to research the topic?


Yes, I am aware and I have researched the topic.

My conclusion: Two wrongs don't make a right. Neither does Three!


Withholding funds sends a signal to the investors (me) that their funds aren't save and can be taken away by the witnesses at any moment.

Steem (and to a lesser degree Hive as well) are currently showing the blockchain community that funds are not save on a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain and are only one hard fork away from been seized by the witnesses.

In the past all I have to fear when criticising a witnesses was a downvote. Now I have to fear that my funds are seized at the next hard fork for disagreeing with the all mighty witnesses.

And I'm a free speech absolutist who does a lot of disagreeable postings.

The only good news is the faster power down giving me a change to get out of here ASAP.

You have not only destroyed Steem. You have destroyed the whole concept of Delegated Proof of Stake.

The alternative would have been to power down the accounts in question and tell the users to never power up again or transfer the money into accounts under their control.

And only threaten to seize funds if they break the requirements. That way they could have cashed in and leave in peace.

Same for Hive. And yes, I voted for the 2nd airdrop on Hive and I vote for every individual applying for a 2nd airdrop.

But now it's too late.


You keep saying YOU, like I had a part in any of this? Direct your accusations at the parties involved, as I have done nothing but try and figure this whole mess out through public forums.
I am @fracasgrimm go ahead and research that shit and tell me how I HAVE DONE ANYTHING of the kind above.
Thanks for your opinion.