Wishing you all the most Happy New Year!

8개월 전


While all of you are counting the last 24 hours of this awesome year of 2021, i've thought to share my wishes to you all withinn this new matrix :)

I wish you prosperity, spiritual abundance and a peaceful year of 2022 ...

I know, some would ask where it's the wish for the materialism ... i'll might say that everything what is material we can achieve it, especially when it's ment for us, as souls or if we are prepared to receive it ...

Today, i've created as well a magical character, that might be seen on my wish card as well.

Here it is in a bigger format, so you'll be able to enjoy this awesome magical character much better.

Here is the magic elf or maybe it looks much more like a gnome :) from Santa's Toy store.


Everything was #created on go and very fast ... sorry for novice #artwork but for me as a humble artist i do like the final touch of this awesome digital work.

Even if i've called it a digital art i still look at it as a magic painting.

As we have seen, this entire year was on a roller-coaster and somehow in a Fibonacci spiral ...

Maybe so many things have happened for the benefit of a hopefully better future ... hopefully :)

I think one my artistic works would suit to this time frame and would reflect very well this whole time of transformation ...

Here it is ...

My Fibonacci Chistmas spiral in Time ...


Now, as we are enjoying the last 24 hours of 2021 let's send the most positive thoughts and prayers to the Great Architect of the Universe and everything will be better.

Have a Blessed year of 2022!





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