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You can post your video related content in nftmc or just use tag nftmc so that we can support your hard work. I invite you to join our discord so that you can meet same interest person.

@luciannagy Hope you are doing good in life , I am offering a win win proposal so that we can grow faster. currently you have 3500 s.p in your account sitting idle and your vote power is hardly $0.04 which is generating 0 steem in a month. Let say an example now if 100 people with 3500 s.p come together with 350000 s.p the vote value will be $6. now the proposal is that delegate 3500 s.p and get support with 4x power. Apart from that we will support all your music and video related content in the community. Were you can get same interest people. Try this offer as trial for just 1 month if you don't like and don't see any results you can undelegate anytime. For support I am giving my words and promise.🙏🙂 If you have any questions please free to ask.


Hello @nftmc

Thanks for writing this message and sorry for the delay through which i am responding.

Regarding your proposal, i've delegated already some of my SP ... I am trying to understand @steemit these days, since i've been creating some of my #artworks here but barely i've received, i could say, not even breadcrumbs :)

I am trying to understand this weird direction and protocol through which nowadays, you cannot create on some other platforms, you need to be loyal just to one ... but somehow that one it's not supporting somehow the creator ... especially when you are an artist ...

I would like to see more involvement from big whales like @coin-doubler @nutbox.mine and many others and hopefully not only that they will continue to provide through their protocols but also to support through #upvotes the people within the steemit matrix.

Somehow, @steemit will remain the mothership of the so called blogging world in this so called crypto space.

I'll try to stake more SP in the near future and meanwhile, i'll try and delegate for a couple of months a small amount to your channel.

Hope to stay in touch within this platform.

Hope to see more benefits from what once was steemit ...

All the best.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our creations :)