Thoughts and some original video for an Autumnish'Halloween ...

9개월 전

Even if the Halloween have just passed, like every it does :)

We've created a new video related to this time of the year.

We've entitled it:

A Halloween Story

Music, the set and filming it's signed by Jedi Lucian and Jedi Florian :)

Wir sind sehr glücklich über das, was wir geschaffen haben ...

wie man sagen könnte in einer schönen Sprache, in der auch Goethe sprach ...

I think that the process of creating these kind of videos it might take some time but the end result, especially when we are still discovering new techniques, it offers to your soul immense satisfaction, which i think it's something awesome and magical that feeds your entire being and helps you to grow as an artist :)

To simple create #lego stop motion videos it's quite a adventure :)

Passion it's a virtue ...

Hope you'll enjoy watching our brand new video ...

Soon, we'll create new ones.

Meanwhile, you can visit our channel here:

You can enjoy some of our playlists as well:

If you want to see only some of our #created videos just feel free and find them ...

Maybe you would like to hear a #soundtrack played on xiao flute and related to these two awesome masters of kungfu:

Hopefully our artworks will be discovered here on #hive blockchain :)

Ciao a tutti.

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