Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest by @ARTSteemit: Announcement of the winners of the week #2 and the beginning of the week #3

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Hello friends!

I was glad to see your photos of art objects! Thank you to all the participants! I am happy that you find art in different parts of the world and show it to us. I hope we continue next week!

Any participant can take part in the contest!


1 place - 8 STEEM

2 place - 6 STEEM

3 place - 4 STEEM

Congratulations to the winners of this week!

1 place - @grecoloco

This blue glass sculpture "Comet Glass Star". I love Murano glass jewelry! They are so delicate and elegant. I couldn't help but pass by this blue art object! It's really beautiful and bright!


2 place - @humanzee

Amazing art object with an octopus. Made elegantly and very realistic!


3 place - @kinzaghauri

I am interested in studying the cultures of other peoples. And also I was very interested in looking at the national dress of the people living on in northern Pakistan. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about your people!


3 place - @qwerrie

This strange installation gives rise to many philosophical thoughts :)) And I think it looks great!


Prizes of author's sympathies -2 STEEM

@jesuskin The oldest tree in Buenos Aires



A painting with the plans of the architect Oscar Tenreiro. Winner of the National Architecture Award in Venezuela 2002-2003.


@vvarishayy @tinochka2 @nevlu123 @bellana @rosiconde07 @tayetaiwo receive 1 STEEM for participating in the contest


We are starting a new week of the Amazing Art Around contest

The 3-week contest ends on Thursday, May 20 at 16: 00 Moscow time


  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community, but use tag #artsteemit
  • Title of every entry must contain "Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"
  • Each participant can only post one photo per week
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post

I ask you not to forget about the repost of this post, because the more participants learn about the contest, the more we will see beautiful art from all over the world!

Let's make our contest even more interesting!

I invite our team of curators to support this contest @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators



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Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you @veta-less for such an amazing contest.
Here is my first ever entry into this community which is for the contest ""Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"", I hope I will be welcomed!

(This sketch was made by my friend some time ago and attached it in his room, I had the opportunity to capture it in my phone)


Felicitaciones a los demás Ganadores! Gracias @veta_less
Mi Participación esta semana, Escultura de Caballero y Dragon encontrada en una tienda de Arte del Mercado Municipal de Mérida- Venezuela.

Congratulations to all the winners 😊. This is my entry for this week



Thank you for participating! Where was this photo taken?


This was taken in red square Moscow in December 2019 when I went with my friends to see Christmas decorations 😊


I asked because I thought it was Russia :) We have three horses this is one of the national images)


Yeah I know. I live in Moscow. Every year since 2014 I go to red square to see christmas decorations 😊


Hermosos caballos con luces @roshanee


Светлана, что можно представить на этот конкурс? Хотелось бы поучаствовать и поддержать ваш конкурс.


Наталья, разные интересны фотографии скульптур, каких-то интересных арт объектов. которые вы встречаете во время прогулок. Граффити, каких то интересные элементы домов, раскрашенные стены и прочее ) все что можно отнести к арт объектам. Кроме живности )


Теперь поняла, спасибо, у меня есть такие! Буду участвовать!


Конечно, покажите, что у вас интересного в городе есть!

Hola @veta-less para mi un gusto participar en esta genial iniciativa.
Mi participación esta semana.

La Covacha de Palermo, Buenos Aires-Argentina

Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest


Wish all the best for winners in the last contest. This my first entry to this contset.

Поздравляю всем победителям последнего контеста. Это моя первая запись в этот контсет.

Saludos @veta-less
Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!

IMG_20210419_174322023_HDR (1).jpg

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de La Merced, en Villa Ballester, zona norte del Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Congratulations to the winners.

Weekly contest this is my participation



Wow! donde esta ubicado esa escultura?


Interesting art! Where is it photographed?


King palace, Oba of Ayetoro Ogun State. Nigeria.
The art work was made with iron springs.

  • Museo de Arte Tigre, Argentina.


Museo de Arte TigreNikon Coolpix L22

Muy buena foto!


It looks very nice!

Congratulations to the winners. I like this activity. Here I leave my participation for this week. Greetings!

This work of art is called "The Shepherd of Clouds" by Jean Arp and it is made entirely of bronze. It is located in my university called "Central University of Venezuela" in Caracas.


The photograph was taken with a Nikon D3100.


Very expressive sculpture!


Yes! It is a sculpture from the year 1953

Congratulations to all the winners! Feels great to be acknowledged for your work.
Will be posting my entry for this week as well

congratulations to all the winners. Here is my entry for the contest


Огромное спасибо за прекрасный конкурс и за приз!!!

@veta-less! Прошу принять на конкурс эти прекрасные ворота, которые я сфотографировала в прошлом году в Бердянске:


Обалденные )) видимо моря живет))


Да, мы как раз с соседкой и шли к морю, когда я увидела эту красоту!)))Может быть, надо было бы каждую деталь сфотографировать, но я не догадалась... Такой красоты не видела никогда!!! А вот и вход...

Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"



Where is it photographed and what is depicted in the frame?


it's a tradition of our country and this picture i took from a park wall...

Holaa! a todos felicidades a los ganadores! aquí dejo mi participación de esta semana. Saludos!

  • "Flor de Juventud", de Pedro Zonza Briano (en el Rosedal de Palermo)

thank you very much @veta-less congratulations to all the other winners and other participants... wonderful pieces of art

this week had a lot more entries...glad to see this community growing :)


Yes, the community is growing and I am happy to see every new member!

Congratulations on your victory this week! :)

Mi primera entrada al Concurso "Arte asombroso alrededor" de la amiga @veta-less:

Monumento del Pájaro Guacharo en Caripe - Edo. Monagas

Mi hija en la foto

Foto al Monumento




I love it!

Hello guys check out my entry


Batumi Boulevard, Seaside Park



Ух, какая яркая фотография!


😆...летний вечер! Все в огнях " lluminato"

Concurso semanal de arte asombroso.
#artsteemit @veta-less
"Abra Solar" de Alejandro Otero una escultura hecha de aluminio y metal de 16 metros de ancho y 42 de alto. Está ubicada en La Plaza Venezuela de Caracas-Venezuela.

Foto de mi autoría.

This my entry, My painting. Thank you admin.

Hola @veta-less para mi un gusto participar en este Concurso Semanal de Arte Sorprendente.
Mi participación esta semana, aquí les dejo esta escultura es la diosa de la fertilidad, maravillosa escultura que se encuentra en la Ciudad de Maturin Estado Monagas en el Paseo Bolívar, sitio que reimpulsa la Cultura de la Ciudad.

Foto tomada con mi teléfono Alcatel.


Felicidades a todos los ganadores, increíble conocer el arte a través de este espacio. Gracias?

Congratulations all👏👏👏
My entry for this week🤖


Congratulations to all the winners 😊. This is my entry for this week

I hope it's not so late
Here's the only "around" in my house since it's quarantine

My oil painting of myself.
This is my participation in this contest.

Lovely art everyone!
@veta-less thanks for letting me know.


I'm glad to join the"Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest",here is my post entry.This is a photo from my living environment and I think it is beautiful.