100 days of steem:Day 77 who is in my country

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. This post is my entry for the extra challenge which is given by the @steemitblog. This challenge is all about the information about the members from my country. I think this challenge is vary good because i didn't know lot of people but now i am searching for the members from my country so that i can interact with them easily also can i earn points by conveying them to join Diary game challenge.


I am from jammu and Kashmir which is one of the union territory of India. In india lot of peoples didn't know about the blockchain and cryptocurrency that is why there are only few users from india in the steemit community also i only know few peoples from my country which are using steemit. Following are are steemit users which i know :

  1. @rishabh99946 : rishabh99946 is one of the active user in the steemit in these days and he is one of the good blogger . He lives in uttar Pradesh India.

  2. @peerzadazeeshan: peerzadazeeshan is my best friend. He also lives in my state jammu and Kashmir. He before two years introduce me to this platform.

  3. @sumit10698 : this person is translating all the challenges into hindi language . I loves his work because this helps lot of peoples from India.

  4. @syedumair: syedumair lives in jammu and Kashmir. He is one of the old user from my homeland in the steemit community. He always gives vary nice posts

Following are more few users who belongs from my country India


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Thank you for mention @alexcarlos also i got to know more users on steemit from India. Thanks.