Treasure Hunt 1 Entry : Old Helmet

3개월 전

Hello all. Back again for treasure hunt 1 entry, for competition rules, just look at the official account @huntcomp.

My content is a used helmet in red. This helmet is an old helmet which is no longer used because it's no longer suitable to use.

Helmets or headgear when driving this motorbike, Now behind my house. And placed in the branches of cassava trees. The helmet is branded LTD, one brand that is often used by listeners in Indonesia. This helmet is Indonesian national standard.

For information, it is important to use a helmet when driving because this will protect the head when there is a collision.

However, by several people. Using a helmet is often considered to avoid raids by the police.

I photographed this in two different places. There are those in the former oil palm bunches. And also on sweet potatoes


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Welcome to Hunt Competition [ Treasure Hunt ] of Whalepower. @huntcomp is The Official Account for The Competition.

Thanks for participating.

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I'm waiting for the next theme of competition. Maybe treasure hunt 3 with animal photography, street photography as entry