Shoot In The Best Six Different Objects In MacroPhotography Post , Part 4 + Share Video My Youtube Channel

I returned with a different opportunity, the same content, but also a different place for taking objects.
"Ulee Meuria Kec.Syamtalira Bayu"
In the quotes above is the place of taking objects from me on this occasion today.The weather is very supportive I bergerilia in the village forest itself to look for objects.
My special trip was to look for objects and I really enjoyed the little jungle trip in the surroundings where I lived.
Before we look at the Macro-based photoGraphy image that I got today, along with the names of the objects :
  • 1)A Hairy Caterpillar (Lymantriidae)
  • 2)A caterpillar without feathers
  • 3)A butterfly
  • 4)Wild Yellow Flowers
  • 5)Forest taro shoots
  • 6)A male fly
That's the object I found on this very beautiful day and I also always give information under the picture / object that I have mentioned.

A Hairy Caterpillar










Those are some of the pictures above from me, the caterpillar is very dangerous if we approach it, in addition to itching it is also poisonous. This type of caterpillar is very dangerous.
He also jagged like a saw tooth that is very dangerous and this type of caterpillar can also be categorized into pests on young plants.
And the most dangerous thing is when touched by children and can result in death from can in the mouth of the caterpillar.

A caterpillar without feathers



The type of worm above is also very dangerous for the farmer's life and also very dangerous for the children to touch.
We find many types of caterpillars above, especially in the rainy season, and what is very dangerous is that these caterpillars can equate themselves in accordance with the place occupied.
Such integration is very dangerous because we cannot see it and especially for children who like to play on the edge of the forest.

A butterfly



If we talk about butterflies, then we imagine the old saying.
On this occasion we have found many beautiful butterflies, almost all macrophotography-based blogs have butterflies.
But it is often mentioned by people before us that, if a butterfly enters into the house, there is a sign of the arrival of guests, perhaps this is an old myth.

Wild Yellow Flowers




I found this beautiful flower in the same place and the same location, but this type of flower is very unique and I found it for the first time.
A completeness and I perfected in order to complete a quality post from me.

Forest taro shoots


A male fly




The last object I found was in a coffee shop. After tiring in the forest, I went out to enjoy a cup of coffee to release fatigue.
And while enjoying coffee, I saw a male fly on a plate near me, and I immediately aimed at it.

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Here are a few more additions to the additional information about all of my images above :
2LocationForest Aceh, Ulee Meuria Kec.Syamtalira Bayu
3Camera usedVivo 1901
4Mobile Telescopic Lens33mmx94mm
5Patented Telephoto lensMagnification 14x
6Photo Size7:5
7PhotographerBy @good-darma

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