Always Check up on your Friends: some are dying!

5개월 전

A friend of mine who is a Navy survived this car crash as you could see from the image, though he is still in critical condition, but he's going to come out alive. But that's not the moral of this blog, life could be so cloudy sometimes preventing you from getting in touch with friends and families for a long time.

Although, most times we hide under being busy, hence we don't create ample time to check on those closer to us, and they sometimes not check back. That's one of the fault in humanity, and its not going anywhere generations to come.

For close to four months, I haven't heard from my friend, i guess if we communicate more often we would be close to been nest friends by now. We met on a long trip to the North in my country a while ago, he was a Navy and that faithful day he had missed his official flight form my city back to the country's capital, we ended up doing interstate overnight and that's how we became good friends. But along the line, our communication became a one way and I got tired of it, probably because of the nature of his assignment, he doesn't chat or call much. I got fed up most times and I could go weeks not saying hello.

But something weird happened, I kept having this nudge to get in touch, few days ago I did and behold he had been in an autocrash and almost lost his life. For weeks he's been in ER and despite his car was written off, he survived and I was feeling guilty not getting in touch for a long time till few days ago and I was happy he's alive. Bottom line is, not every one is fine, that's if you swallow the pride to check on them even if they don't check on you!

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This is quite unfortunate. May the Lord have mercy on His children. Indeed we need to pray for God's protection over our loved ones.


He actually survived, after some days in Coma.