Nature agrees to Love!

5개월 전


Do you think those kissing trees is an illusion or its real?

Yes, that's what I thought I saw too when I found that image, its pretty amazing and whether you like it or not, or call it a Photoshop; that is not the first glaring evident that the universe endorses love true amazing natures evidences. Every living thing posses similar characteristics, some might seem superior or advances like us humans, or if there are other life forms in the universe.

Everyone and everything deserves to be loved, it is a preordained process in which the whole galaxies and universes were created. Out of love humans were born from their parents, even organisms created in laboratories were created our of sheer curiosity and admiration which is an attribute of love.

Animals love, so are trees, everyone deserves that special one or thing to be loved and to feel loved. Take a look at the birds, they love their families, their chicks and fend for them; if a bird could be loved and love, nothing will stop you from finding true love.

It may tarry, or quick. Maybe scarce, but its out there and you shall find yours for it is a preordained process for a every living being roaming the earth. Love shall find you, if you believe!

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