African Parenting Style, The Best In The World

2년 전


To me, the African style (nigerian style) of parenting is the best. It teaches the kids values, respect, discipline, tradition etc. In fact, they let you understand as a child that life is in stages and in life there is hierarchy. One very important thing that good African parenting teaches most kids is that there is a consequence for every action - whether good or bad.

Compare how our society was back in the days when parents weren't that lax in bringing up their kids and now where there's a great nonchalance in parenting as a result of copy copy, you would see that kids back in the days grew up with more values, respect, ambition, etc, than kids of this present generation. Our society seem to be failing because parents are losing their influence on their kids because of lax parenting style. We want to be seen as progressive so we seem to be copying the parenting style of the developed world that is not even working out for them.

You've heard of kids over there talking back at their parents, calling cops on their parents and doing many sort of wild things that's making their parents feel helpless and frustrated. Come and try such nonsense with an African parents and see what will happen to you.The parents are the porters with the responsibility to mould their kids (clay) into fine shapes (responsible adults) and when the clay stay resisting the good intention of the porter and the porter seem helpless in making the clay conform, there's bound to be a serious problem.

Our society is getting more f**ked up and morality, responsibility and accountability are on a huge decline because our parenting style is getting more relaxed. African parents need to wake up and go back to status quo. Listen to your kids and sometimes respect their opinions but always make them understand that you're the boss for now and make them understand what's up.

A good parent will always seek to give the child the best and mould the child to be the best and those are some of the things the African parenting style has shown. So to me, the African style of parenting is the best and if we must shape the lives of our kids into responsible adults, we must stick with the style of parenting that's working for us and stop copying the style of parenting abroad that is not even working out for them.

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