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The greatest gifts that you can give to yourself each day are Love and Respect. No one would treat you better than you treat yourself.


Love and respect are two very important gifts that you must give yourself each day in order for you to have a great day. I call them gifts because they are very valuable and a gift is something of great value that you give to someone; but this time, that someone is you.

You need your own gift of love and respect. And no one can give that to you if you haven't first given them to yourself. These two gifts will influence how you'll treat and carry yourself all through the day, and how others would relate with you.

When you treat yourself right and carry yourself right, you're showing others how to relate with you right and treat you right. And it is only when you love and respect yourself that you would understand what it means to treat and carry yourself right.

You are all you've got and you deserve the best. But no one can give you the best that you deserve until you first start giving it to yourself. Love and respect yourself daily because that's a debt you owe yourself and can never finish paying for as long as you live on this earth. You're all you've got and you should never deprive yourself from having the best.

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