Introducing QVault - the fastest and cheapest way to learn Computer Science (not just coding)

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For most of us, we actually think learning how to code is synonymous with computer science but that cannot be farther from the truth. Just because you know how to code does not mean you have the requisite skills to be called a computer scientist.

Infact, this ugly truth rears up its head during real life events such as job interviews, on the job performance and applying for graduate degrees, just to name a few. Just because you are a self taught programmer or attended a 3 months bootcamp does not mean you understand the deep and complex world of Computer Science.

For example, many attendees of bootcamps usually find it difficult to land programming jobs not because they cannot program, but largely because there are other nuances associated with the job that is so much more than programming. A degree in Computer Science could have easily equipped such candidates with those skills.

However, it is not easy for most to go back to school or attend one at all to get a Computer Science degree. Luckily a new startup QVault aims to solve this problem for the majority of people.

QVault is a platform technology where one can learn topics in computer science such as Big-O Algorithms that are generally not taught in bootcamps.

Learning in QVault can actually be free if you've earned enough gems to unlock that particular course. To earn gems, you need to complete courses and do the activities within those courses. The faster you complete the courses (i.e. answering a question correctly the first time) the more gems you earn.

Obviously, you could ask how do I earn gems to be able to take my first class, and the answer is, you are awarded some gems when you sign up to QVault. The amount of gems awarded might not be enough to take the class you want, so all you need to do is take other classes that you can with the gems you have until you've earned enough gems for the class you want to take.

The above process can however be slow and you can always fast track this process by buying the gems you need for the first class you want to take from the QVault market place.

So that's it. If you've ever wanted to truly learn the theories and science behind some of the coding you do so as to ace that job interview or just perform better at your coding job, you can try out QVault and the good news is that it can actually be free.

Yours in learning,


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