Do good and it will come back to you - A feel good story for kids


It is early in the morning, but Fikile is already awake and dressed.  He has a very big task today that awaits him.

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His father is sick and he must take his bicycle and deliver bananas to the market.  Fikile is excited, because today he is doing a man's job.

His mom gives him some porridge to eat and then Fikile is ready to go.  

Just as he is on his way the neighbor, Mr Masuku comes to him and says: "Fikile, I do not have time to go to the market today, will you take the apples I have and also deliver it to the market.  Please make sure they pay you enough for it."

Fikile is a kind boy and he loves helping people and even though the bicycle is loaded very heavily, he starts pushing it up the hill.

Half way up the hill his aunt Maria stops him and says that her baby is sick, if he would mind taking her eggs to the market.

Fikile does not really know how he will be able to  get everything to the market, but he keeps on pushing the bicycle very slowly up the hill.

This is going to take a long time, but I can do it and I will also help all these people, he thinks to himself.

On his way he sees his friend walking next to the road.  "Where are you going Vusi?"

"I need to get to the hospital, but my feet are so sore of walking all the way", Vusi says.

Fikile thinks a bit and then tell Vusi to get onto the saddle of the bike and he will push the bike and Vusi will not have to walk so far.

Sweat is streaming down Fikile's face but even though he is so tired, he is not prepared to just give up.  He knows that once they are at the top of the hill, they are close to town and it is down hill from there, so he will then be able to also get on the bike and free all the way into town.

Just a little bit further, do not give up, he keeps on thinking.

At last they are at the top of the hill and Fikile smiles from ear to ear when he catches his breath and looks down at the town.  "We made it Vusi, from here it is downhill, so I can now also get on the bike."

Vusi makes space for Fikile and together they start freeing down the hill. Just as they gathered speed they see the 3 town bullies jump from behind the bush showing them to stop.

First Fikile wanted to stop, because he was scared the bullies will bump them off the bike or try and grab the bananas - they have done this many times before.  Fikile is also a little scared of the bullies.

"Do not stop Fikile, you are a brave young man and you have come this far.  Do not worry, I've got your back.  It is time to put these bullies in their place and stand up to them...." 

Fikile keeps going and the next moment he sees the bullies running and shouting OUCH... STOP IT....WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Fikile did not really know what was going on, but then he sees Vusi throwing an egg at each of their head.  Fikile laughed and shouted "Yes, run away, we are sick of you bullies."

They get to town, still with all the bananas and apples on the bike, with only three eggs missing.

"Thank you Vusi, I do not think my aunt will mind that we are three eggs short, if she hears what you did with it and I am sure those bullies will stop their nonsense now"

Vusi was happy and told Fikile that he is so glad that he could help him, since Fikile is always prepared to help other people.

Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends ... even to stand up to bullies.


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