Tips for teens and adults on eating healthy


We need to try and eat as healthy as possible in order for our bodies to get all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to build a strong immune system to fight off illnesses and to supply energy to your body so that you can complete your daily tasks.

In order for us to eat healthy we need to eat a variety of foods so that we take in the necessary nutrients


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  1. carbohydrates that consists of different sugars like potatoes
  2. proteins like different meats and cheese
  3. fats and oils like sunflower oil, nuts and avocados
  4. foods with roughage or fiber - these are found in different foods and are not used by the body but can assist with digestion
  5. the body also also needs enough fruits and vegetables that gives vitamins and minerals to the body
  6. water is needed for hydration so that all the cells and organs can function properly

Have a look at the video explaining the food pyramid and the different groups which your body needs food from every day to stay healthy.


Each of the nutrients have a specific function and there is a reason why you need it

  • Carbohydrates are needed to provide energy
  • Protein is important because it assists with repair in and growth of the body
  • fats and oils will help to store the energy and will keep the body warm during the winter
  • minerals and vitamins will keep you healthy and help build your immune system
  • fiber will help the food move through the body to be digested

For extra information on the different nutrients you can read more here.

If you do not get the necessary nutrients every day, it can lead to malnutrition - this means that your body is not healthy and do not function the way it is suppose to do.

If you have a 'balanced diet' it means you are consuming the right amount of nutrients every day and your body is healthy and you have enough energy.

Watch the story for more information on malnutrition.


We do not need the same amount of food.  The more active you are, the more food and nutrients you will need in order to provide enough energy to your body.  If you are a male or female will also play a role. Men usually eat more than women and their body also burns more energy.

You may have tried a few diets in order to loose weight, but starving yourself is not the answer.  

In order to loose weight the healthy way, you need to take in less food than what your body uses.  Still eating all the nutrients discussed, but just less.

If you want to gain weight, you need to eat more food/kilo-joules than what your body needs.

If you eat more food than what your body needs, you may become overweight.

Look at the following graph for an indication of what your weight and height tells you.


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If you feel that you need to make life style changes and loose some weight, you must do it for yourself and your own health - nobody can force you to loose weight.

Have a look at the video for some ideas.


It is important to look after yourself and stay healthy and make sure that your body gets all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need to live an active and healthy life.

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Eating healthy is advisable