Tips on managing your time - Worksheet for learners

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Answer the following questions for yourself

• Do you have a watch and why do people wear watches?

• Why do we need a bell that rings at school?

• What do you think will happen at a school if there are no bells?

• Why must trains and buses have time schedules?

• Do you think time is important for a taxi driver?

• Why do schools work according to time tables?

Time Management is something we need to practice every day. The society and schools and businesses relies on certain things to happen on certain times, so the management of it is very important

Think about transport systems, freshness of products in shops, business hours, social events, etc., all of these consider time. They start at a certain time and last for a certain time. If you are late, you will miss out or spoil an event for others.

If you manage and values your time, then order and discipline will be part of your daily life.

If you start working one day, you will most probably be payed according to the amount of time you work.

Time management is about PRIORITIES
It results from setting OBJECTIVES AND GOALS It is about PLANNING
Time management equals SELF-EMPOWERMENT
SELF-EMPOWERED people manage their own time.

Tips to organize your own time

1. decide on a time that you will have to complete your tasks

2. Make a list of what you need to do

3. take it one step at a time and one task at a time, do not try to complete everything at once

4. decide which tasks are most important and do them first. Prioritize your tasks

5. Use a diary to write down what you need to complete

6. Plan your activities

7. be prepared and make sure you have all that is needed to complete a task

Things to remember when planning your time:

1. Be realistic and understand that some things take more time

2. if you do not finish on time, you have to adjust your plan

3. make sure you do not ge overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do

4. Create a comfortable place to work in

5. Have discipline

6. Reward yourself after completing a task

You often hear people saying: ‘I never have time to do the things I like to do’.

Managing your time does not mean being busy every minute of the day and night. It
means planning your time effectively and not jumping from one thing to the other.

Do not work on many things, complete one task successfully before moving to the next task.

Are you a procrastinator? You keep on putting things off till later?

Characteristics of a procrastinator:

•You put off important tasks and keep yourself busy with less important things

•You always hope you will have more time or feel better later on to tackle a task

•You get stressed over deadlines coming closer

•You hesitate when making decisions

•You have a low self esteem

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