Why do dogs chase cars? Silly story for kids


Have you ever drove by a donkey, a goat and a dog?  If you have, you would know that each of these animals reacts differently when they see the car.  

The donkey just stands still and do not worry about the car.  The goat runs away and the dog chases the car.


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What is the reason why these animals act so different?  Let me tell you a story that happened a long long time ago.

Dolly the donkey, Gilly the goat and Rufus the dog went into town to do some shopping.  They were good friends and loved hanging out together.

They walked from one shop to another, had some lunch and just enjoyed the outing.

When they were done with their shopping, they decided because they were so tired, they would share a taxi to go back to their houses.  Nobody was in the mood for the long walk home.

It was a lovely sunny day and everybody was in a good mood and very happy that they did not have to walk any further.

They did not live far from each other, but Dolly the donkey would get off first, then Gilly the goat and then Rufus the dog.

They got into the taxi and told the driver exactly where they lived.  

After a while Dolly the donkey told the taxi driver to stop that she could get out.

"That would be 2 Rand" the taxi driver told her when they stopped.

Dolly took out her purse and paid the taxi driver.  

She stood next to the road and waved at her friends leaving, then turned around and walked to her house.

Next stop it was Gilly the goat's turn to get out of the taxi.  "How much do I owe you?" he asked the taxi driver.

"4 Rand please" the taxi driver replied.  

Gilly did not have enough money with him so he quickly jumped out of the taxi and ran away. 

The taxi driver was very cross, but there was nothing he could do, since Gilly the goat ran very fast and disappeared quickly into the bushes.

The taxi driver just had to drive away without his money.

After a few minutes Rufus the dog  told the taxi driver to stop.  "That would be 6 Rand sir," the driver said with a smile.


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Rufus did not have any change, so he gave the driver 10 Rand.

Before he new what was happening, the taxi driver kicked him out of the taxi, and spun away shouting 'I AM KEEPING THE CHANGE, BECAUSE YOUR FRIEND THE GOAT DID NOT PAY...."

Rufus was furious.  Why must I pay for the mistake that somebody else made? he thought to himself.

He started running after the taxi, but the driver just laughed and drove faster.  

Rufus were running as fast as he could and chased the taxi for a long way, but could not catch up.  He had to eventually just give up and go home.

Now you know the reason why these animals act so differently when a car drives by.  

The donkey will just stand and watch, because he knows that his forefather paid the taxi driver.

The goat will run away, because he feels ashamed that his forefather jumped out of the car and never paid.

The dog will chase the car because he knows that the taxi driver never gave his forefather his change.....


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