What Is the Meaning and Purpose of Our Lives

10개월 전

This life is not just a life to seek sustenance. But how do we live to share with one another who put his trust in Allah SWT. The blessings of life given by the Creator are thankful. We live in a world not eternal, but we must think where we came from before we were born and where we go after death. And never crossed our minds how our lives after death. If we live there are no principles and goals, our lives are like in the middle of a barren Sahara mountain. Do you know how we are grateful for the life that has been given by the creator to us.



Obviously we live in a world leaving debt, both debt with humans and debt with the Creator. I illustrate the debt with the Creator that we leave the 5 prayer times that Allah SWT has required to all mankind and we are obliged to pay them when the prayer time arrives. While debt to humans when we owe money, then we are obliged to pay it off and if someone mandates something to us, then we are also obliged to deliver the mandate to the person in trust.


Surely most of us have a purpose in life. These life goals may be a doctor, a businessman, an academic, a politician and in essence become rich and famous or represent the country in a particular field. Whatever the goals are, for most of us all, many of these goals are more mundane and put aside the afterlife. Even though the most important thing is the hereafter in the end because there we live eternally.

The question now is how do you want your life after death? I myself want life after death better than in the world, but that is all we get with charity and deeds that are blessed by Allah SWT during the world. How about you ...?

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