Neptune and Pluto - Information and questions for learners


We are coming to the last part of the extra information on planets.  

We will look at Neptune which is the planet furthest away from the Sun and also Pluto which use to be one of the planets orbiting the Sun but is now called a 'dwarf planet'.

If you have missed any of the previous lessons on 'Planets' you can read it here


Neptune is now seen as the planet furthest away from the Sun since Pluto became a dwarf planet.  Neptune is found on the outskirts of our Solar system.

Neptune is 4 times the size of Earth and it suffers the most violent storms known in the Solar system.  This is also the windiest planet.  Here you will find storms 10 times worse than the fastest tornado on Earth.

There are some thin clouds that covers the planet. 

Neptune is a large, water planet with a blue hydrogen-methane atmosphere and faint rings.


  1. Why is Neptune the coldest planet?
  2. What are the temperatures that you will encounter on this planet.
  3. Why is it impossible for humans to live there?
  4. What or who has visited this planet.
  5. How long does it take Neptune to circle the SUn?
  6. Why is it called the 'blue planet'?


In 2006 the scientists decide that Pluto is too small to be called a planet and it was demoted to a 'dwarf planet'.

Pluto is very cold and it consist of rock and a thick layer of ice.  The atmosphere is made up of carbon monoxide and methane,

  1. Name two reasons why neither Neptune nor Pluto is suitable for human life.
  2. Name 5 reasons why Earth is the perfect planet to live on.
  3. Choose any 2 planets which you like most and do extra research on it.
  4. You are going to build your own Solar system - you can do it anyway you like, and use any materials.  Use your imagination or watch the video for some ideas.


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