Space - Explanation of words and videos for learners

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We have learned quite a lot so far on space, so today we will go through some words and see if you can after you have gone through all of it, explain it in your own words.  Also watch the videos and answer the questions.


What is the meaning of the following words?

  • Asteroid - it is small bodies that are made up of rock and metal and it orbits the Sun
  • Asteroid belt - this is the area between Mars and Jupiter where you will find different shapes and sizes of asteroids
  • Astronaut - this is a person who is trained to go on a space shuttle to outer space - they will go and gather information to bring back to Earth

Lets have a look at a video on rockets and answer the questions


  1. What do we call the place the shuttle will launch from?
  2. What does the shuttle consist of?
  3. What happens to the two boosters?
  4. What is this shuttle used for?
  5. What will the astronauts do in the space center and how do they get back to Earth>
  6. How does the orbiter slow down?
  • Galaxy - this consists of a large group of stars, dust, different objects and gas and they are all held together by gravity.  Galaxies differ in size and shape.
  • Meteor - when a meteorite burns out when it enters Earth's atmosphere, it becomes a meteor - this is the 'shooting star' that you can see at night
  • Milky way - this is the galaxy where Earth and the other planets is found - we live in the Milky way
  • Stars - a large ball of helium and hydrogen gas that burn and creates its own light

Watch the video on different stars and answer the questions


  1. How many stars are in the Universe?
  2. Are there stars that are bigger than the Sun?
  3. What is a red dwarf star?
  4. Why is it difficult for us to see the red dwarf stars?
  5. What is the name of the stars that burns at a high temperature?
  6. What happens if one of these stars die?
  7. Which stars have the shortest lifespan?

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