Explaining Oxidative Stress in the Most Simplest Terms

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Hello to everyone

So the issue of oxidation and oxidative stress been the cause of many condition in our system has become the talk for lots health practitioners and in trying to know more patients get overwhelmed with lots of technical and complicated information when they go online to search for information. So today I want to share with you some very basic explanation


Explaining Oxidation

Whiles Oxidation does not necessarily involve Oxygen and involves chemical reactions and transfer of electrons between chemical species, trying to explain using this process would definitely get your patient confused. What I use is the pictorial understanding, and rusting is the closest point to oxidation I can use. Everyone has seen a nail rust before at one point in their life and the simple process of a beautiful nail becoming brownish after it has been left in the rain or having had contact with water and air is oxidation.


Another scenario is that when we take in eat the system break down the food we eat and in doing so release energy for our function. This process that the system goes through sometimes release substances called radicals which are highly unstable and are able to destroy things they come into contact with including cells, and it is this damage that exhibits as the oxidative stress symptoms.


So continuing with the rusting process, it is a similar process happens in the body as we take in oxygen or air and water. It is as simple as that the two most important things required for the process. This situation is exacerbated by lots things we do, including foods we eat, our activities etc. In our contemporary society we hardly eat well, with all these junk food filling our system we just give it unnecessary stress as it is in constant effort to rid the system of impurities. Then there is the hustle and bustle of life, people work all the time 24/7 and even forget to eat sometimes, they do not get enough rest as need and so the system is almost always in hyperactive mood. Aging always plays its own role, because naturally as we age our anti-oxidant level or anti-oxidation functions decline and so our cells die and the renewal process slows down. The Sun also contributes to the process and so does alcohol and smoking.


Some common anti-oxidants include Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Carotenoids


So what most of these supplements and drugs that talks about anti-oxidative properties do is to reduce process either by directly mobbing the radicals formed or by enhancing the system ability to produce more anti-oxidants to clean the process. Whiles taking drugs may be good a simple solution would be to eat well, eat healthy and live healthy to stay healthy. So here is my simple explanation to people who ask me about oxidation and oxidative stress. Hope it useful to you.



François Gagné. (2014). Biochemical Ecotoxicology. Quebec. Academic Press

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