Learning During Quarantine - The Role of the Guardian

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Hello Everyone,

I hope we are all doing great and staying safe. We are still hopeful that in the coming days the world will get a grip over this pandemic but until then lets adhere to the protocol. Today, i want to share with you some tips on how guardians can help their wards to becoming excellent students even as they stay at home.



Learning can be a difficult task or a very interesting and fun activity depending on our approach to it. Learning should be done every day and it is incumbent on us or you as a parent or ward to support your child studies, encouraging him or her and pushing him or her to be the very best they can be. Learning does not necessarily have to be academic based only, helping your child work on their talents or discover a new interest also falls under learning and even when you child is emancipated or all grown up you still have a role to play in their learning life.

Children are fun creatures naturally and the brain is the laziest organ in the body, so between reading a book and playing games the child will prefer to play games all day if given the opportunity. You have to control your child's activities. One way to do this is to have time table for them and to adopt some means of rewards or incentive to push them. In some homes parents buy gifts for their wards when they come in first place or when they get straight As, this is a positive reinforcement act and because the child always want to be in the good graces of the parents they would learn harder. If you act nonchalant to your wards learning process, they will be nonchalant to it and eventually things will go south.


Participate in the learning process, studying is more for children when they are doing it in groups, but here is the case they are home with you. So join them in learning, do the assessment, be the teacher and see how they respond. Encourage them, make time for them and you will be proud of yourself at the end as much as he will be proud of you. Learning with your ward can serve as a bonding moment for you, you learn the interest of your child and you begin to understand how best you can actually push him.

All work and no play too can make the home boring, do not leave him to play alone, even playing is another avenue to learn. It will also help you shield your child from things may be too violent or obscene for your ward. Play games that challenges the mind, help him strategize and allow him or her to beat you every once in a while, it is good for morale.



No matter how busy you may be, making some time for your wards education at home will help him more than you can ever imagine. Take a look at your schedule as a parent or guardian and fit them in and see the positive impact on their lives.


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Excellent. just sharing with our children is time invested precisely