Learning How to Learn

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Hello Everyone,

It is an pleasure to come to you again and to share. Knowledge is precious, it has always been and will always be, but a little learning can be dangerous which is why learning is an everyday thing. Today i want to share my thought on how one can can learn by taking advantage on how the brain the body works to improve themselves.


How the Brain Works

How the brains well is a mystery but not a complete enigma, because science has progressed enough such that we understand one or two things but a majority is till understudy and scientist propose that we are probably using less than 10% of our brain whiles others suggest we using even more than we could have ever imagine. Either that is not my focus today. So in learning the brain undergoes two processes in retaining information, the first is the temporal memory and the second is the permanent memory. These mechanism follow a simple process and when we know this process we could exploit our brain to suit our needs.


When we learn something for the first time it goes into our temporal memory and then after repeated studies that things ends up in our permanent storage. It is just as our computer works with RAM and ROM. Our RAM can store data effectively for up to 24 hours whereas our ROM is permanent. So when we study we have up to the next day to revise and get the thing into our permanent memory. Which is why it is advisable to study every day or at least revise what you have studied within the next 24 hours to get it to your permanent memory and then it is advised to revise again in the next 7 days to ensure that knowledge remains fresh and intact, easily retrievable. Make no mistake though, because even when it gets to your permanent memory you can also forget, what happens is that as we leave what we have studied or read and continue to do something else it acts like books stacking up, the less you take that book to read the more it goes down the bottom and so eventually it becomes difficult to retrieve which is when we say we have forgotten or can seem to remember but know that once knowledge is in the permanent memory it is there you just need a trigger to pull out.


Practice Practice Practice

The key to been the best at whatever it is you are doing is to practice, practice and practice some more. To be the best student you have to study everyday and revise everyday, it keeps the knowledge fresh and easily retrievable at the the top of the stack then there is the issue of muscle memory. Individuals who wish to improve upon their skill set and be the best at what they do not only works on their brain (thus the involuntary part where we have less or no control) but also on their muscle memory. The more you do something with your hand or leg etc, the more muscles in those areas get use that trend or rhythm. Eventually it because normal or a daily routine for them and thus when one can close the eyes and play Fur Elise on the keyboard without missing even a key or kick a ball into the net without thinking about it.



How our brain works is amazing and whiles there still more to know we ought to make use of the small knowledge we have gained and improve yourself. Learning can be as fun and equally difficult and irritating depending on our approach to it. The love to seek knowledge will always get you there. It should be an everyday thing, until we meet again, have a wonderful time and enjoy your weekend.


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Thanks very much @bettervision for your great contribution.


It is always a pleasure