Refractive Errors (Why You Doctor Gave You Spectacles)

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Definition and General Overview

So there are many who have refused to wear the spectacles their optometrist prescribed for them for so many reason, some of which are myths whiles others may just be concerns due to lack of knowledge. It is of the belief that better understanding make a more compliant patient and so today we are treating refractive so the next time yourself or your friend is prescribed spectacles you don't up thinking you are not normal.


So in simple terms one can describe refractive error as a condition where the eyes power to refract light does not coincide with the axial length of the eye resulting in the eye been unable to focus light appropriately at where it is supposed to be (which is the retina).

Why does this happen? As we grow, from infancy till about age 10-12 we undergo lots of changes in our body the eye included and it is this phase that is referred to as the sensitive period in a child growth especially in relation to the eye's development. As to whether you will end up wearing spectacles in life centers more at this time frame, although you may have the genetic predisposition already. So during this period the eye ball is supposed to grow back whiles the power of the eye to refract light reduce accordingly to meet this change so we may see clearly and well. In the case of refractive errors one or more of these scenarios happen.



In the case of myopia otherwise known as shortsightedness the eye ball either grows too long causing light to be focused in front of the eye or the eyes fails to loss some power as it is supposed to along the line thus causing more than needed refraction of light leading to it been focused in front of the eye.



In the case of hyperopia otherwise known as hypermetropia or farsighted, the eye ball fail to elongate in growing as it should causing light to be focused at the back of the eye or the eye losses too much power along the line such that it is not enough to bring light on to the retina.



In this case the for us to really understand lets consider the eye ball as the globe with longitudes and latitudes. Now what happens is that either the Greenwich meridian or the main latitudes get too much power or loss to much power than it is required, this results in different images been form by the two at different points within the eye either in front, behind or on the retina causing a blurry image to be seen.


What the Spectacles does

When your doctor gives you the spectacles, it actually corrects this error as we say within the eye either by providing the need power or reducing the power as need to bring the object been looks at's image on the retina. So it is for this reason why your spectacles is need to be worn at all times because the moment you take it off, you go back to the original state of the eye with the error and you see blurry again. Yes, it means you may been wearing spectacle all the time probably for the rest of your life but it does not mean you are sick or abnormal, is it a natural process that happens all the time, and if you do not like you specs there are always the option of contact lenses, lasik or surgical correction. (All which would be dealt with appropriately in subsequent posts)


Will Eye Exercises Help me put my lenses down?

Yes and No, whiles lenses given for some binocular anomalies may be discarded later after some eye exercises prescribed by you Optometrist has been well routined, it won't help much if you simply have a refractive error and it is helping to make your vision better. You eyes may become healthier and stronger with exercises though.


Myth Busters

So let me end this post by explaining some myths and concerns that lot of people bring to the eye clinic concerning their eye and spectacle wear. The first issue is that wearing spectacles does not make your eyes get sunken. What happens is, because lots of people are used to seeing you in your spectacles all the time including yourself, putting it down after a long time usage create the impression that the eye has moved further inwards into the socket or skull. It is just your eye deceiving you. Remember that spectacles also have aesthetic qualities and wearing it makes you look more beautiful if it indeed fits you well. Then also there is the issue of my vision seem to have grown more worse than it used to when i put my spectacles down. Now if this is not a pathological issue truly or something wrong with your eye which your optometrist would investigate accordingly, it is another trick on your mind. What happens is that when you wear your specs you see much better and the brain gets used to interpreting lucid images such that when you go back to the blurry situation it is as if thing have gotten worse than it used to because you see better now. Your optometrist can proof this to your by subjecting you through routine tests.


However, whenever in doubt always speak to your optometrist and get the appropriate care. Thanks for Reading and Have a Nice Time

Reference (You can always read more from here)

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