Why Your Eyes Feel Dry

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Hello Everyone,

I hope we are all doing well. Today, i would like to discuss a little bit more about an ocular condition popularly known as dry eye syndrome and how best we can protect ourselves. Hopefully with some of this basic knowledge my readers would be able to take better care of themselves and possibly avoid the condition.



Before we could understand the condition better, let us look at some very basic anatomy of the eye, so we could get a pictorial understanding of how everything happens. So the eye as we see it produces tears which is nothing new to the majority of us as we all have cried before at certain point in time in our lives, these tears come from an organ located slightly above our eyes that we call the lacrimal gland and it has autonomic connection to the brain which means it functions on it own involuntarily without much of our input.


These tears have 3 different layers, or parts or segregations, it has water, it has lipid or oil and it has mucous all of which is produced in its own way from different sources (which is not our main focus for now). With all the 3 layers working correctly in the order it out to be it lubricates the eyes and keep it healthy and even help refract some amount of light when we see. But thing go haywire when any of then misbehave.

Dry Eye Syndrome

I won't define rather i would explain it based on our knowledge from the previous chapter as when any of the layers of tears are inadequate in production, this causes our tears to dry up more quicker than it ought to leaving the anterior surface of the eye Vulnerable. When this happens our eyes tends to redden and then the common symptom of dry sensation on the eye comes about. Sometimes it even come along with some amount of itching to.


While Dry Eye may look like an anatomical or physiological problem, it is not entirely idiopathic, there are act and habit that precedes the condition which we can easily avoid it we take the necessary precautions. Some common causes known include dry environment; lots of individuals stay under the fan or in the AC almost 24/7, and while you feel cool and it causes an increase in the evaporation rate of tears until eventually the eye can't keep up with production leading to the condition. Then there computer and electronic gadget users who do not adhere to the proper use of these materials, the strain of the eye or over use of the eye without proper break is also a comomon factor that leads to dry eye. The last bit am going to point out is proper ocular hygiene. Because the layers of tears are produced from glands improper ocular hygiene could block their production which could also lead to dry eye syndrome, so me must ensure that we keep our eyes and the areas around it neat, clean and tidy especially for our young ones.

If you happen to be experiencing any of the symptoms talked about or you suspect to be suffering from dry eyes, please see your optometrist today


Although i have not exhausted all knowledge concerning tear production and dry eye syndrome i believe what i have shared is important enough to help my readers in staying healthy and hopefully avoid been victims of Dry Eye. Until we meet again, i wish all a happy new week and have a wonderful time.


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