Learning Styles

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Learning is the acquisition of beneficial knowledge through studying. There are different ways different persons learn which I'm gonna talk about few.

  1. LEARNING BY HEARING/AUDITORY LEARNING: This is the type of knowledge acquisition by hearing.
    The learner understands and recalls things being taught easily by listening to the teacher. Information sticks easier and faster by the way they are being spoken rather than written to this category of persons.
    This category of learners, even when they are perusing when they are alone, they will still read it loud to themselves because that is what works better for them.

  2. LEARNING BY SEEING/VISUAL LEARNING: This style of learning simply implies seeing what is being taught. They easily remember what they saw.
    In a Huffpost article from 2014, it states that video may be the best way to improve learning styles, especially when it comes to remembering key facts and figures.
    This indicates visual education aids like video can improve learning styles and increase the rate at which we retain information.
    Images too have way of explaining thousands of words with just a gaze at it.
    For example, a student given 20mins to defend a particular project, if that student had image(s) of what he/she wants to write about, it'll save the student a whole lot of time to make the project presentation before the stipulated time runs out

  3. LEARNING BY READING: Readers understands and recalls information by reading in their own. It is some kind of word experience style of learning.

As an educator or polymath, you must understand all the styles of learning so as to get more of the philomath's attention.

Learning doesn't have to stop because of fear. Every living being have their style of learning, their own style is their habit, it stays in them. Even though many person are very flexible in almost all the styles, there are those who are yet to discover their selves.
As a polymath, know how to help your student discover their styles of learning because between learning and teaching, learning is more difficult.. Someone is asking "why is that"? This is it, a student gets penalised for not learning well to write an examination and pass with good grades but a teacher is never penalized for teaching wrongly.

Thank you for drilling into my blog

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