Safety precautions, fear or disorder? In the wake of corona epidemic.

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Hand washing.

The world is grinding to a halt, there's a threat to humanity that won't spare no race or age group. Thus, the World Health Organization and world scientists have been able to discover precautions to stay healthy or at least to slow down the chance of the virus spreading at a much faster rate as its been reported on mainstream media. Some of the healthy things people do seems to be one of the things that could keep you healthy for a while or forever till a vaccine is discovered.

As a safety precaution, washing your hands could keep you uninfected, if other things being equal. But should this be really an emphasized point in living a healthy life? Aside people who have obsessive compulsive disorders of constantly washing their hands, millions of people all over the world do not stick to this healthy routine and I believe this could be a tricky one out of the safety tips stipulated by WHO. Rubbing faces or covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing are involuntary reflexes that had been developed as a child, or as we grow up; unfortunately this simple tips became deadly suddenly for people who do not adhere to precautions to stay healthy during this delicate moment. So using nose masks and eating vitamins among other things could be futile if you had touched a rail or use the train, maybe enter a cab or press the elevator button and the virus(germs) stick to your hands for hours or days without washing them off or using a disinfectant.

Would you wash your hands often out of fear of getting infected? Or you are sticking with safety routine like a a person with a compulsive disorder? Its really not about who's dirty or neat anymore, it has become a fight to curb the fast spreading of the viral outbreak. So, the advice for everyone is to become obsessive and compulsively sticking to washing hands and other safety precautions to remain healthy and to survive this phase in this modern day plague. Thanks for reading.

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