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Once upon a time, all the animals lived happily like one big family in the forest until something happened that changed that order. The lion was the king of the forest. All the animals respected the king because he was kind to all the animals especially the weak ones like goats, hen, dog, cats etc. All the animals too were very happy to have the lion as their king because of his kind heartedness. The king lion publicly declared that none of the carnivorous animal should eat the weaker animals. This continued for some time. Within the said time, the animal kingdom experienced a great expansion because the animals gave birth to young ones everyday and were not worried about their safety because of the law that was enacted. However, when the new generation sprung up, they didn’t respect the old ones especially the dreaded carnivorous animals whom their parents respected and paid allegiance to. This was a case of concern to the king lion who immediately summoned all the animals to come to his palace to come and discuss the way forward.
All the animals went for the party especially the carnivorous stock. However, the young ones of the weaker animals like do, antelope, zibra, mouse, etc did not attend the meeting.
At the venue of the meeting the lion said that he was getting pissed off by the insubordination displayed by the weaker animals and their young ones. He warned that if they did not desist from this act, they would see the bad side of him and other carnivorous animals.
Since the other animals were not at the meeting, they were not aware of the development and as such continued with their act of insulting their elders.
The lion just as he had promised could not take it no more, he immediately went to the cat's house who was a barber and asked for a hair cut. The cat was afraid of obliging to such request. He asked the lion the reason behind such request, but the lion simply said that it was personal. When the cat insist, the lion roared and the cat out of fright gave the lion the worst hair cut that is know to human or the dead.
After the haircut, the lion left and roamed round the village looking very ugly and frustrated. When the antelope - one of the weaker animals saw the lion, he began to laugh saying that the lion looked very ugly. This got the lion very upset and it jump and pounced on the antelope and ate it up. It did the same to the mouse and zibra.
Meanwhile, in these three instances, the goat and the cats with other animals were hiding inside the bush watching the dastard act. So when they met the lion, the greeted and started praising the lion from a distance.
They knew that their days in the forest were numbered. Hence while the lion was roaming the street of the village looking for the victims so he could teach them a lesson, some other animals had a secrete meeting where they resolved to running away from the bush to live with man.
That is why today, hens, cats goats, cow,sheep and other domestic animals live with man while others live far away in the forest. The lion felt very angry that some animals had escaped from the forest to live with man. So he had meeting with the other carnivorous stock urging them to eat up any weaker animal that they spot in the forest. \


  1. Suggest a suitable name for the reading comprehension.
  2. Mention at least five animals that were seen in the reading passage.
  3. Which of the animals were proud?
  4. What did the lion do initially in reaction to their pride?
  5. Who gave the lion a hair cut?
  6. Why did it give such hair cut?
  7. Why do domestic animals now live with man at home?
  8. Mention the names of the animals that the lion ate.
  9. Which of the animals hid and watch the lion devour the others?
  10. Write out the names of the young ones of the animals mentioned in the passage.

Please write your answers in a simple and plain language. Avoid cancellations as such would amount to loss of marks.
Good Luck to you all

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