Is Totalitarianism Birthing? The UK Law Commission has proposed  removing the dwelling exemption from the public order act!

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Yesterday i read a piece of news that almost made me pee myself. Whilst i have grown somewhat accustomed to reading news about COVID related issues and how our rights and freedoms are being eroded, I was NOT expecting this! To anyone who doubts, keep your eyes open. This news sat like a piece of lead in my heart, and since reading it have felt quite disturbed about it. Sometimes i do not understand why i feel so strongly about certain things, and so when i gave this news a bit more thought, and understood the implications and precedent that we could be setting, i understood. This is perhaps the biggest piece of news i have seen all year, above and beyond anything we have seen, and if you stick with me i hope you will understand why i say this. TO be clear, nothing has yet been agreed upon, but the very suggestion of it is enough to make me stand up and say something. Right now we are all setting precedents for what will come next. I am starting to see that whilst Corona may well blow over in 2021, we will be left with a new way of life and governance that no one i know of agreed to. Setting precedence is HOW our law works, and once a new law is passed it can be very hard to undo it.

So what is the news i hear you ask! It is very simple really. The Law Commission of the UK, WHOEVER they are, have made a new recommendation to the government. This is not about covid, but instead about hate speech of almost any kind EVEN in our on private homes! Oh yes you heard me right, the government is right now actually considering to make it illegal to speak about certain things in our own homes. If this was not ever the greatest sign and signal that we have now crossed the line from anything resembling a free world then i don’t know what is.

The specifics of this recommendation are:

The Law Commission, an independent body that reviews England Wales’ law and recommends reforms, has argued that the ‘private dwelling’ defence, which stops people being convicted of stirring up division because their actions were in private places, should be removed from the Public Order Act. They have also recommended that more should be protected against hate crimes including sex, gender, age, homelessness, sex workers, non-philosophical beliefs and alternative subcultures such as punks or goths.

  • Law Commision says offence of stirring division could extend to private homes
  • Dinner table conversations could lead to police probes and potential prison
  • The proposal from the commision comes in a 500-page consultation report
  • Free speech campaigners and MPs have called the move a mistake

Hate talk in your home should be a potential crime, legal reformers will tell the Government.. The Law Commission says the offence of stirring up division over race, religion or sexual orientation should extend to private dwellings. It means a dinner table conversation could lead to a police probe and a potential prison sentence.

Isn't that interesting! On the face of it, it is hard to really criticize it if you are a good citizen.. I mean, we are protecting some great people who are a part of our society. or are we? Is this really the best way to deal with social tensions? Is this really a path that you want to go down? DO you really think this will not eventually extend to any subject that our governments want to add to the list? What if they add any anti government speech to that list? AND Those are just the easy questions. When you really start to think about it you must then ask, HOW are they going to enforce it? And of course then the penny drops. This is the start of a very long game. Some conspiracy theorists thing this is all planned.. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.. whatever is the case, it IS happening, and no one really seems to care. The issue is that to enforce this law, they will end up listening to everything you say. Big brother WILL be listening, and if he hears something that you say that goes against the rules, they will come for you. As dark and sinister as that sounds, that IS the path that we seem to be headed on, and laws like this only serve to cement that idea from being a paranoid notion to a stark and sudden reality.

I feel that ALL i can do is say something, and leave the rest with the world. I cannot change anything. Very few people who don’t agree with me even want to listen anymore. I think most of my 'friends' on Facebook just scroll right past any posts i make concerning corona. BUT, if these things do come to pass, i think i would have wished that i said something. So here it is.

Make your voice heard
Whilst you still can!

Was there ever a more pertinent time to have HIVE to speak our minds! SOme of us may soon need totally anonymous account to even write things! Lets hope not.

Read it on the mainstream news:

I often wonder why I dont hear from real doctors.. just poeple who dont REALLY know many facts and details. SO id like to share with you a very special video featuring some real doctors and what they think about the covid19 vaccine and the pandemic.

Ask The Experts : Covid19 Vaccines
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I'm of the belief that much of this over reach to gain more and more control is done on a throw the spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks basis. I guess if they instill enough fear, uncertainty and doubt in enough people then they will get away with practically any measure of control they want, but I'm taking a long shot crap shoot that there will be enough resistance from enough people to supersede such lofty ill suited dreams.

How will they know? Maybe one of your children will tell a teacher or a friend's parent? Will they be listening somehow?
It sure is time to do something. Check this out if you haven't seen it