Nothing in this post is true, but is exactly how things are...

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It isn’t hard to notice the sudden ramp up in intensity this past few weeks! What with Trump apparently causing a mini revolution and riot in Capitol Hill, Corona virus mutating into an apparently much more infections disease, freedom of speech utterly eradicated, vaccines making no apparent difference to any lockdowns, schools closing for months and maybe more.. on the list goes! For any budding conspiracy theorist like myself, it is clear that there is now nothing i can do to provide any other kind of alternative theory about what is going on to my old friends who still frequent Facebook. In fact, it is clear now that I am a threat to them, and apparently to society. It is a rather strange experience when ones eyes are wide open, to see how people read and accept the narrative as it is presented. People seem to have NO idea any more that the media report ONLY what is on their agenda, and will twist any story to suit their agenda.

I would like to speak a little about what I see happening with Trump and these riots... because i do find it hard to accept that so many people blame him for what has happened, do not even comprehend that these protests and riots are a response to a HUGE failure of democracy to hold a fair and honest election. When the people realise that their elections have been falsified, they tend to get upset. If you read the mainstream media they say that " there is no credible evidence to support Trumps claims" .. despite sworn testimony of dozens of people. I have watched hours of these testimonies, and the truth is quite clear..

TO say there is no credible evidence is a complete lie.. so big that most don’t even question it. Those who doubt it have done a bit more research, and they know what went on. The bigger the lie, the more likely the people will be to accept it. How true are these prophetic words today! They cheated in every way imaginable to make 100% sure Trump did not win. Double votes, votes from dead people, hundreds of thousands of dumped ballots, and even the delivery of hundreds of thousands of votes by Truck.. all with votes for Biden. I may not be able to prove it all, although the testimonies are powerful, but to say there is no evidence is quite disturbing.

But of course its no surprise. Trump was the only one who would not accept the narrative. He never wore a mask, he supported alternatives to the vaccine, he nailed the cause of this virus as the China Virus.. and so much more. As far as a any new world order goes, Trump simply had to go as he was a thorn in their side. He got in via the weakness in social media, and was finally ousted by the same networks that got him in to power in the first place. Since that happened, companies like Facebook, and Twitter, have all become politicised and they have taken sides. They now control the narrative, along with their friends in the government. To blame Trump for the riots, based off his comment "to ‘fight much harder’ against ‘bad people’ and ‘show strength’ at the Capitol is a very sad joke.

Bearing in mind we are speaking about serious election fraud here, i think i understand the problem and reason for peoples anger! But, why is he being ousted SO close to his end of term? They say he is unhinged, that he could start a nuclear war, that he is dangerous. What a joke. Trump has fostered more international peace than any US government before it, in particular with Korea and Russia. China he has put in its place and removed some serious threats to their national security. Now that Trump is leaving Korea are already threatening to beef up their nuclear capability again.. because they know what they Biden administration are all about. So what is going on here? HOW comes his Twitter account was also closed. Why are they trying SO hard to discredit him? The simple answer is that if they succeed with this endeavour, they may well prevent him being able to come back to power in four years time. That is all they care about, that he doesn’t come back and further wreck their plans for hegemony and enslavement of the world to their agendas.

Just to be clear also, im not saying I support Trump. I certainly don’t support his style of leadership.. but then again as i have said many times.. its going to take one tough, crazy dude to take on the people and issues he had to deal with. I think he did pretty well, and whilst i don’t support many aspects of his character, i certainly do support the many things he tried to do for the free world.

So, now that that is almost all behind us now.. what do we have to look forward to? What will the next few years look like? There are many people still sitting on Facebook.. waiting patiently, and endlessly for the day that things can get back to normal. When i hear people say things like that i just cant help but laugh. When people get angry with others for not wearing a mask, or fore going outside and sitting on a secluded beach, i stop laughing. I start to get worried, because they really don’t see what is coming.. at all! This world will NEVER be the same again, I have said this from the very start.. and now maybe just a fraction of the world truly realise it. The power of denial is breathtaking.

So here we are at the very precipice of a total global new world order. Of course none of this is true, but nevertheless less its exactly how it is. There is no room for a contrarian view, there are no longer any basic human rights left for many people in much of the world. . and this is just the start. I feel now like i have to leave those old friends and people behind, to whatever fate awaits them. They are too far down the path to turn back now, and i don’t see that changing. IF it did, and people suddenly woke up, it would make what happened at Capitol Hill look like a baby shower.

In the meantime, i basically say good bye to the people i knew, at least on line. It seems that what ever i say is taken the wrong way, polarized and distorted. When i say anything good about someone, they all respond the same, with links and posts of some crap from a clearly biased media. That is something else that is a bit strange these days. The the media don’t even PRETEND to be neutral now and no one seems to care. If only they knew how deep that rabbit hole goes!

Its not easy of course, thinking so differently. I know even quite a few of you here on Hive think i am crazy.. especially when it comes to Trump. but i just say what i see, I just say what I see.. that is all!

Have a beautiful week everyone. I hope whatever part of the world you are in, you can make life the very best that it can be for yourself. It is time to choose, and whilst taking the red pill can be a scary path.. i think most of us here have at least had a taste of it and know what it is that i am saying!

When everyone leaves Facebook and whatssap where will they go? To another centralized system ready to be corrupted im sure. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! The same will be for telegram, signal, and whatever else people move to. The only way is local, small, decentralised. In that spirit i have created an entire replacement for Facebook and Whtassap for my local area in Portugal. Who knows if people will use it.. its VERY hard to prise people away from their normal patterns. It can be quite frustrating, but let us see what happens. So far around 40 people signed up, but no one posted! I think they are all shy or something .) or maybe they are just not used to being free! lol..

If your interested to see it you can check it out at . We should all be doing this, creating smaller systems for our own circles and groups. If you want to do it im happy to help! I have used open source code and will be more than happy to guide you if you would like to make one for yourself. Now is the time, to do SOMETHING!

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They are too busy attaching themselves to the phony narratives being rammed down their throats.

I see exactly what you see. Dems are so wrapped up in their manufactured hate, they don't want it to ever end...
I have one thing to point out - the protests in DC were not only mostly peaceful, they were mostly downright love fests. Watch the first ten minutes or so of this. Good news within!


thanks for sharing this.. yes i also knew from friends.. and just watching with open eyes..

here comes the tightening now all round.. lets see what phase 2 looks like!

despite sworn testimony of dozens of people.

Dozens? More like thousands

When everyone leaves Facebook and whatssap where will they go? To another centralized system ready to be corrupted im sure.

Well they are all businesses so that will almost certainly happen to some degree but it is still a good thing that it is happening, at least if there is some level of competition it will provide some level of market-driven checks and balances. A competitive marketplace is a better marketplace in ANY market. I've hated when any organization has total control over anything and that is why I hate most (almost all) government. I have been going through my messenger contacts and telling all of my relatives and friends my contact information on Telegram and LINE (Line is a great communication app but really isn't used outside of Japan and Thailand even thought it does work) I plan to completely leave FB in the next few months even though I haven't posted to it in a year or so. I bet you are already doing the same but if not, DO!

One last thing: The media blaming Trump for the Capitol raid is absurd, but so is basically everything else the media does.


totally agree with all you say! especially the end.. when i actually read what Trump said after seeing two days of pandemonium i was Very surprised! At least i thought he had really said something significant,.