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Today I am sharing a version of a post I wrote nearly two years ago. Perhaps it is more meaningful today than it was when i wrote it. It ends with a strong message and a warning to us for the times ahead. This is not bad news, this is not doomsday, this is not conspiracy.. This is simply the evolution of a planet from the age of industrialism to high tech modern day computerism. It was always destined to happen, it was just a matter of time, and now we all get to choose how we want our lives and our future generations lives to look. Before long our economies will look very different to how they look today, and free money or a Universal Basic Income are just some of the great changes that await us as we move from the old version of capitalism to the new.

So grab a cuppa for this read, and have a lovely Sunday!


There is a quiet revolution happening in the world. We can see the signs, and yet it isn't really being discussed. The speed at which technology is advancing is increasing day by day, and we have already reached the point that things like self driving cars are now a reality. This is the future folks, and it is here! Things are starting to advance as such a speed that within 10-15 years this world will be almost unrecognisable because of automation. In January, a study found that about 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations will be automated and last year, the Bank of England’s chief economist said that 80m US will be lost. Robots and AI are about to be unleashed and they will be taking over very many roles and jobs that us humans have been doing. According to Oxford university, 47% of Jobs Will Disappear in the next 25 Years in the UK! That is a huge figure, and that there is no debate happening about this! There is no control on the extent to which manual jobs will be replaced by automation because we live in a free market or capitalist world. Big business are poised to remove as many of their staff as they can in just about every sector in the drive to save money and provide customers with a better and faster service. Whilst we can sit and debate whether this is a good idea or not, it IS happening!

My view on automation is quite positive, but there are caveats that I will get to in a minute. I would like to start by saying that the reason I am so positive about automation is because the vast majority of the world are engaged in jobs that they pretty much hate, or at the very least put up with because people needs to pay the bills! It is a very sad reality in my mind that most people spend the majority of their lives working in jobs that are incredibly boring, and often so repetitive that it boggles the mind that they are able to keep doing it day in and day out, for their entire adult lives! Now, I can understand that it's not ALL bad in a way. I used to work in a supermarket as a kid, stocking the frozen food section. I had a great time, chatting with my colleagues and keeping the freezers tidy and full. I wasn't bored because I was BUSY doing my job, and the time sure did fly. So, there are many people who DO engage in repetitive work and are quite satisfied about it because its easy and they don't live under high pressure and tension all the time. The thing is, even these people are going to get a big surprise soon when their jobs are simply replaced by robots, or their shops are simply closed down because on-line shopping is continuing to eradicate even the largest high street retailers and companies at an astonishing rate. No stone is being left unturned from electrical shops, toy shops, and even high street banks are under threat. I opened up an on-line bank account last month in about 10 minutes. They give me way better options than my high street bank (including cryptocurrency purchases) with hardly ANY bank charges. The whole deal is SO good that after a lifetime of high street banking, I have no desire to keep using them. This phenomenon is happening everywhere, and is about to change the world as we know it.

Its worth noting that not all jobs are at risk. The good news here is that people involved in creative arts, music and the like are going to be getting great support like never before. This can only be a good thing because right now there is not much demand or support for artists, mental health workers, carers, dietitians, doctors, and spiritual leaders. I predict in the future that people involved in these worthy causes will be in very high demand and will be much more secure. Also, it has been said that in the future we’ll all have seven or eight jobs, with the average adult working for a number of companies simultaneously rather than working for one big corporation. That can only be good for our mental health and general job and life satisfaction!

So who is planning for the future then? Are there powerful people who are sitting in great lengthy debates deciding how they are going to protect you when you lose your job to some computer, robot or even website?! Are there any provisions being made for the new world that is being born? Well, it looks like not! There are some small debates happening here and there, but there is almost NO government that is ready to start giving their population free homes and support for when commerce turns its back on humans and discards their workforce into the trash in a heart beat. Commerce and capitalism is ruthless, and we have no safety net put up to help us .. and the more people that end up depending on it, the less everyone can get. So, what I want to share with you today is that it is up to US to protect ourselves! It is up to you and me to make the world as we would like to see it in the future. We can let ourselves become dependent and vulnerable by doing nothing, and then god only knows what is going to happen to you and your families!? Banks will happily take your home from you and cast you out to the street if you can't pay your mortgage. Lenders will turn up and just take your car if you can't keep up the repayments that you were able to make whilst you had a job. Old age homes cost a lot of money, and I'm pretty sure that they are not about to open their doors to millions of people to stay for free once you reach old age.

Thankfully we DO have options! Technology is amazing, and there are many ways that we can use it today to help us to secure our future and protect our families for the coming times. It used to be that living off-grid meant being very isolated, living with very few comforts, barely any power, and basically living extremely simply. Now, whilst that is still an option today it doesn't have to be this way! There is a growing movement of people who are living off-grid and totally self sufficiently, but have all the very same luxury's and comforts that others do in a conventional 'centralized' home. The big difference though is that the people who have figured out how live self sufficiently are not dependent on state supplied services such as water, power, sewage, waste disposal etc etc. These state run 'services' are the most inefficient and worst ways of proving these amenities, and when something goes wrong, everyone is affected. We take for granted that the power is always on, and we have unlimited clean water... but what happens when we suddenly lose our jobs and cannot pay the bills to keep them going, or when the 'system' simply breaks down and they turn your power or water supply off? Suddenly, in a blink of an eye you can be thrown back to the stone age with only a roof over your head and little more!

If there is one thing I would urge you all to start thinking about it is living in communities that are self sufficient and off the grid. There are so many communities and groups of people that are right now figuring out how to work together to build a future for themselves. Do you really want to 'wait and see' what happens when your job disappears? Do you have a plan to protect yourself and your children for their future? Would you like to live with the freedom to choose what you want to do each day, rather than be forced to take on work that you don't even enjoy for 70% of your waking life! These days eco building is getting easier and cheaper to do, and if you work with the right people you could be living and breathing an off-grid lifestyle within no time, just a few months! This is something that I urge people to do in groups, because building and living by yourself is not an easy or fun experience for most people. We are social beings, and we do need to share our lives with others. So, why not see what your friends think about this the next time you are having a chat in a cafe! Instead of complaining about how terrible things are in the world, why not start the discussion about how to improve things?! You might be surprised how quickly and easily this can happen, especially once a few of your friends and family are on board. People who live in Europe have an incredible choice of land and countries to live in, and it is possible to buy land in many beautiful parts of Europe for very little money, and when that is split between some friends, it only gets cheaper and easier!

The writing is on the wall as far as I'm concerned, and great change is sorely needed. Our cities are toxic, unhealthy and FULL! There is a serious housing crisis, and no one is building even close to the number of new homes that we need to accommodate our future generation. It is literally up to us to make the change that we need, and there is no time like today to start thinking and planning for these changes. If you need any more convincing, let me give you some amazing reasons to live off-grid!

1. You will save tons of money and can have a debt free life.
Establishing a home on your own land without without incurring debts can help one to live a debt free life. Taking too many loans will put you in debt for your whole life. Other payments such as tax, health, and insurance may also contribute to a vicious cycle of debts.

2. There is no need to work all day in order to pay water and waste collection bills.
Working just to scrape to pay the bills and afford food is no way to live, especially if you are sacrificing your time in a job that you don't enjoy. There is just NO need to be doing this if you start living without bills or loans.

3. If something goes wrong you will be fine.
Imagine if something happens and the water no longer runs, or the electric grid goes out. You will still have all the conveniences you need, while others will be helpless.

4. Kids living off the grid will learn very important life skills that others in their generation won’t have.
Learning the basic life skills such as cooking, growing food, carpentry, arts and crafts can bring so much job and great self confidence. These are things that kids need to learn!

5. Location, location, location!
Being free from the electric grid means that you can position your house in the best or most beautiful place on your land no matter how far it is from the electric lines. By living off the grid, you get to have fun and lots of adventure by living and traveling in remote areas that are less populated. It simply lets you get first hand experience of different places.

6. Living as producers instead of consumers
Learning how to grow, harvest and preserve our food feels incredible. We can learn that there is great abundance in the world, and it doesn't have to cost anything. Making our furniture, and homes is SO much more rewarding and fun than spending fortunes on them.

7. You get to own a wonderful and affordable home.
Going off-grid is a great idea because it will ensure you have own a wonderful home at an affordable price. Instead of saving for a life-time to own a house in the urban area, you can get a wonderful and affordable home by making a decision to live off the grid.

8. Stopping being a social recluse. Living off the grid will mean you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of city living. However, it does not mean that you’ll cut off all social ties. In fact, you’ll maintain connections even more with families and friends by occasional visits to town. Living off the grid will also help you acquire unique stories to tell and also share your experiences, and might inspire those living in the city to come and feel a taste of your rustic life.

9. You become environmentally responsible. Considering our current city or urban lifestyles, most of us neglect being part of environmentally responsible people. We use our cars more than needed and engage in a lot of wastage. By living off the grid, it teaches you how to become environmentally responsible by gaining practical knowledge through working on the land, growing vegetables, rearing animals, making useful things with your hands, conserving and recycling materials, and the use of alternate fuels.

10. Connect with nature and live happily. Living off the grid ensures you are always in touch with nature and it guarantees one of the most fulfilling and happy lifestyles. Besides, connecting with the natural world promises a profound and satisfying rural life without noise or pollution.

I hope this post has given you food for thought. I hope you do talk about this with friends, because you might be surprised how ready you all are to start making the CHANGE!


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