Will our police forces protect our basic human rights? It's time to wake up.

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What has become of our world? This video reminds me of how hitler managed to stage his coup. All those who support the removal of our basic human rights are complicit. Perhaps one day those who enforce these illegal and immoral laws will be brought to justice. No matter what you are told, no matter how high up your orders come from, we can never remove our most basic human rights. For now I am documenting what I see on Hive and keeping this information safe on the blockchain. It is time to protect ourselves now and for the future. When freedom of speech is removed, it's time to start speaking up!

Who would have ever thought that world war three would happen and no one would even notice or realize? Our world and lives are being destroyed, it's time for us all to wake up.

This is a comment about this video from a retired police officer:

I am a retired Police Officer, and am ashamed at what the Police are doing to this country (UK).... Whatever happened to Policing by Consent!?...and having a shred of humanity, and discretion as to to their actions!?...I am disgusted with the Police....I desperately want to believe that many Police Officers themselves don't agree with what is happening, and hope those individuals will start to say no, and question what is being asked of them...I understand the concept of a "Lawful Order", but hope more Senior Officers start to openly question what is being requested, and refuse to blindly "go along" with it....the orders must be "lawful", and even if they may technically be so, there is a moral imperative to question, for the greater good of society.....

.....I am glad I'm retired, and not part of this bullying, and trampling of our way of life....I will never give in to the tyranny that is sweeping the UK ....I would rather die, knowing I did my best to protect the future freedoms of my Children, my Grandchildren, and the children of others....I fear this will end in mass civil unrest...The UK is becoming a pressure cooker, and without the release valve of peaceful protest, and freedom of speech, that we MUST retain, a perfect storm is brewing....Our future may require, that we peacefully take to the streets, refuse to pay taxes, and stand together...We have done so, many times in our history....

.....We must be kind to each other, and realise that the "enemies" of others, have now become our own....It matters not the race nor religion of our neighbours, we must stand together now, and reclaim our freedoms and our country....It is obvious that there is a concerted effort, this year especially, to "divide" us, and therefore "conquer" us....We have more in common with each other, than the Government, and mass media would have us believe....

......I am old enough to have seen this tried before....A Government rarely, if ever, revokes the core tenet of Legislation, nor Statutory Instruments. They remain; at a cost to us all....Thank you for taking your time to read my words, and hope we can all have our lives back and to start we must take of the MASK

It's time to wake up. If you are waiting for this to end, it wont. If you want to know how things MAY be headed, you can watch this video. It isn't pretty, but its important to have our eyes wide open!

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Some of our law enforcement officers are refusing to enforce the pedantic and capricious laws that are being issued by persons who do not have the authority to issue laws.