Killed For Being Autistic !!! Because There's Always A Next Level Of Cruelty

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Killing a person for being black? That's cruel, racist, inhuman, horrible... But can there be a next level?

Palestine is always the answer to that: This time, Palestine will tell us about yet another innocent victim, killed first then checked if guilty. Later they can think of a justification for the kill.

Justifying this one won't be easy...

Eyad Halak was confronted by Israeli police. Terrified and confused, he tried to escape. The two heavily armed policemen, because he was carrying "a strange object", followed him and chased him. Then, not in the air, not on his legs, they shot him in his torso, multiple times, causing him a slow death, right there on the streets of Jerusalem.

Now that the bloody death scene is over, let's see what that "strange object" was... A cellphone?

A cellphone Eyad, according to his family, can't use properly. He can only accept calls. Because, well, he's autistic. I wonder if he knows what "police" means or why he should obey them...

"Hallaq was diagnosed as being on the low-functioning end of the autism spectrum as a child, and he had trouble communicating with those around him. " - Haaretz

What can be considered even worse than the crime itself are the attempts to justify it; "They thought he was a terrorist because he was wearing gloves".... "He was carrying a strange object"... "They were following the protocols"... "The one who shot him was a new recruit"...

Eyad's isn't the first innocent blood to be absorbed by the occupied land of Palestine, nor will it be the last. Every inch of that land has witnessed crimes and genocides throughout the time of this second version of Apartheid.



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