Censorship Gone Wild: YouTube Deletes 5 Covid19 Videos From My Channel!

10개월 전

YouTube censorship of any independent covid19 content is currently in overdrive. Countless channels have been demonitized simply for reporting facts surrounding the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ being widely ignored by the mainstream media, or for criticizing the government reaction. Far more videos have been arbitrarily removed, deemed to be “inappropriate content” or in “violation of community guidelines,” with no further explanation of what specific content exactly is being deemed “inappropriate” or in “violation” of whatever guideline they claim it to be violating. The obvious reality is that any content challenging the official government/media narrative in any way, shape or form whatsoever, is subject to removal at any time without notice.

This social media censorship campaign seems to be especially targeting any medical professionals speaking out, whose opinions, research and the scientific studies they share challenge the official narrative. Recently two doctors who made big news with their summary of the current situation and professional opinion of the covid19 reality were banned from the platform. David Icke also recently had his large channel with nearly 1 million subscribers completely removed. I know that @krnel has had several of his videos taken down, which were only covering medical facts and doctors that challenge the official ‘pandemic’ story.

As I recently discovered from my own small channel, YouTube is also shadow banning comments, and may well be shadow banning for more content than they are outright deleting. This is a well known tactic used by Twitter in order to avoid the accusation of outright censoring content, while effectively doing just that.

And now I have have had a total of five videos removed, all deemed “inappropriate content” - the last three all taken down in a two day period in the last three days.


All of them were also uploaded to BitChute and are all still viewable on that censorship-resistant platform (links provided throughout this post - just click on the thumbnails). The first video to be taken down was a comparison of the mainstream footage and reporting of the Elmhurst hospital at the “center of the epicenter” of the so-called pandemic in NYC, with that of the footage taken by a variety of locals who reported a much different reality than the one being showcased by the corporate news channels. This video was simply a mirror, created by Jeff C and re-uploaded to my channel. Though not garnering nearly as many views as the original had, it had become quite popular for my tiny little channel, with over 600 views at the time it was deleted, and was still picking up a trickle views when it was removed.


For some reason, despite getting way more views over there, the original is still available on Jeff’s channel!

This just goes to show the selectivity of the censorship, and that the presumably choose specific channels to target, or the censorship is happening more due to complaints rather then specific content. Either way, it seems the videos on the smaller channels are almost always more likely to be hit hard with the selective censorship than videos on the larger and more established channels, until they decide to target a larger channel like David Icke’s.

At this point I figured it would surely be only a matter of time until my video covering Channel 4’s use of dummy training footage in their NYC ‘pandemic’ coverage would be next, but I decided to leave it up to see how long it would last, and because it had become my most popular video and had single-handedly gotten me over 50 new subscribers. Much to my surprise, this one stayed up far longer than I had anticipated, and had well over 5,000 views and 50-something likes before it was finally removed, only about a week ago.


But between then and now, in the time between Monday afternoon and Thursday morning, three more videos were taken down! These were not videos I was anticipating would be deleting and I thought were far less controversial. One was the first in my two-part coverage of 22 doctors ‘exposing the scamdemic’, the same video in which I discovered an info-packed comment had been shadow-banned. It had nearly five hundred or more views and about two dozen likes at this point, and was still garnering new views, despite being over a month old at this point.


Of the two videos I put together covering what these 22 doctors had to say about the coronavirus, this is the one that had begun to gain a lot more traction, with part two still under 200 views (134 at time of posting), and still currently available, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes next, at any time.

Video also on BitChute here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qs9JOfzd5Wv9/

The most surprising removal of all to me was a video I had made trying to focus on the positive side of this ‘pandemic’ - Coronavirus and the Great Awakening - which last I checked still only had under 50 views, only a handful of likes, no dislikes that I am aware of, and was by far one of the least popular videos I made on the coronavirus. It was Hardly conspiratorial at all, and I honestly have no idea why on earth YouTube chose to target this video of all of them, besides the fact that at this point I suppose it is one of the few coronavirus related videos left on my channel to censor.


At this point, I’m surprised I still have the channel, which miraculously hasn’t been taken down yet, as they are clearly not even bothering to issue guideline strikes but are rather just ripping down content as fast as they can, simply deeming it “inappropriate content.”

It is apparently also ‘inappropriate’ to show footage of NYC nurses in the heart of the outbreak acting oblivious to the so-called ‘pandemic’, and/or to discuss how the ‘fact-checking’ conspiracy debunkers actually exposed mainstream use of Chicago dummy training footage in New York coverage, the two main subjects of the fifth video removed by YouTube.


Surprisingly, my first and probably considered one of the most controversial videos of all - entitled “coronavirus conspiracy” - hasn’t been taken down yet for some reason.

(BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pgK40YcnquLN/)

Other than that, the only remotely popular coronavirus content that remains on my channel is my second most recent remaining info-packed video covering the inflated numbers and pre-planned artificially induced economic shutdown - ‘proof of a scamdemic’.

(BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/13Tro41T63U6/)

The censorship has indeed gone wild, but at least independent censorship-free platforms such as BitChute and ThreeSpeak are becoming increasingly popular; as they are increasingly important in times like these, for the public to be able to store all of the independent content that is being removed from the major social media platforms almost as quickly as it goes up. If only enough people would be willing to ditch YouTube altogether for the various independent platforms, it would eventually wither away and die.

As it is, it is certainly becoming more and more obviously nothing more than a mainstream media echo-chamber, just another branch of the controlled corporate media - the media arm of the US government, the Military Industrial Complex & its western empire, and all the billionaire oligarchs & international bankers pulling the strings behind the scenes. Welcome to the ‘new normal’, where free speech is a thing of the past, the remnants of this once foundational freedom found only on those pesky little independent ‘conspiracy’ platforms.

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