Fear-Hype Panic from the Media Increases 'Coronavirus' Infection and Severity

8개월 전

There is a lot of false information being spread everywhere. There are theories in alternative media, like some alleged executive of a technology company saying 5G is the reason people are dying, that there is no virus at all, etc. But the majority of false information is coming from the mainstream media, since more people have access to this false information, and there are more false claims being made about the lethality of the virus to put people into fear. This is causing the most harm of the two.

According to biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, the coronavirus is like a more severe type of flu compared to the regular seasonal flu. It has about the same death rate when you calculate the statistics properly.

Stress hormones shut down the immune system to deal with threats, real or perceived. Stress hormones are used to shutdown the immune system for a transplant surgery to prevent the body's immune system from rejecting the transplant.

Fear induced stress hormonal response.

Our immune system is not designed for prolonged and continued stress. The prolonged fear and stress we are experiencing now due to the fear-hype panic being spread by the mainstream media of 'health' organizations is doing the damage to our bodies which helps the virus infect and be more severe.

All of the consequences from the strict government-imposed measures are aiding the virus infection rate by inhibiting the function of the immune system. Fear of being out of work. Fear of not being able to return to work once you lose your job or are forced to stay home. Fear of catching the virus by going out. Fear of giving the virus to someone else who can die even if you don't get sick. Etc.

Listen to Bruce Lipton explain the situation himself (first 30 minutes about, before making speculative (wrong) conclusions about quantum mechanics that he ties into his theories of biology):


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You can look at how similar the flu and coronavirus are from even mainstream medical sources like John Hopkins Medicine: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-disease-2019-vs-the-flu

What Lipton says makes sense about the fear, which is the main point of this post. The fear panic that was created from the media based on false model predictions and the threat it is supposed to pose, has a significant impact on the infection rate and severity, despite the authoritarian measures imposed to punish people who want to live life normally as they would during any flu season.

Lipton also speaks of the immune system issue of those compromised as being the target group that is at risk, not the rest of us who have healthy immune systems (this is something the media won't really talk about, but is a basis of the human organism and fighting threats like viruses). Yet, we're all being isolated, instead of just those who are more at risk of having trouble fighting off the virus. We never do this for the flu each year which has near the same risks. There is an agenda at work.

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5G very well could be the problem. It nat not be the problem at all.

What people assume or discuss is olay imo. I am happy to read that you pointed out the MSM contributing to infection spread.