Going Out Shows How Physically and Mentally (Mind) Controlled Society Is

8개월 전

Imagine this, well we don't have to imagine it anymore, but imagine it was pre-COVID-19 fear-hype panic. No fake news false-model over-projection of millions dead from COVID-19. No mandates and legal changes to arrest people who are too close together, or go out too often.

Imagine, 6 months ago, seeing stores only allow 20 people in at a time. Imagine seeing long line ups because of this. Imagine stores not taking cash. Imagine people keeping 6 ft distance from each other.

What would you think of society? How would you evaluate this society?

Why are stores only letting in 20 people at a time? What the fuck? What's up with this control over our movement?

Why the hell is everyone keeping 6 ft distance from each other? What are they afraid of?

Why are people being arrested for being outside alone, or going outside too often, or freely gathering with others? This is insane!

Yes, it would be insane then. And it is now.

Fear is the mind killer. And boy oh boy, are people's minds ever dead in this current situation of COVID-19.

No critical thinking. Just fear leading them to unquestioning obedience.

If you haven't done some thinking, let me try to put some out.

The COVID-19 projection of deaths has been admitted to be false. Yet, this is what triggered the fear-hype panic. About 2,500% orders of magnitude false. More accurate models put deaths in the UK at 5,700, not 500,000 as first falsely calculated. That's way less lethal than the seasonal flu.

Yet, here we still are, with all the controlling measures in place. It's still all about control, even though the threat was never there to begin with.

Here's another bit to think about.

The numbers are being fudged, demonstrably, as per directive from the CDC to mark all deaths where someone tests as COVID-19 positive as being a COVID-19 death, even if they didn't die from COVID-19. They directed the medical establishment to assume COVID-19 is the death, and mark the death certificates as such, without an autopsy to determine that as the actual cause of death.

This means all the deaths from pre-existing causes, or any other death that wasn't from COVID-19, is still a COVID-19 death, and gets added tot he statistics for total deaths. The number of deaths you see is fake. The fake numbers aren't even close to the falsely projected pandemic panic of deaths that are used to justify the measures being imposed on people. It's all bullshit.

Here's something else to really think about.

How do you know what they are testing for, is actually COVID-19? Or that COVID-19 is even present where you are?

THe answer is: trust, i.e. belief. We believe the medical establishment and personnel actually know what they are doing. But most of the simply believe what they are told: that the test actually and accurately tests for COVID-19 or any form of coronavirus. It's all belief from trust in authority. It's like a ladder of authority, that the bottom rungs trusts and believes the rung above, to eventually reach some authority that supposedly knows exactly how the tests works, and has verified it does work. Who is that?

One person has claimed to have looked into themselves, and explains that the tests are testing exosomes. That the virus was never isolated to begin with to determine if it was the cause of the symptoms people were showing originally to claim it was coronavirus, nor that the virus was isolated to produce an actual test to identify if others have it.

We are being led by belief, false trust, blind trust, into fear and compliance under threat of arrest and being put into jail for not obeying or accepting the narrative that is being fed to us.

Think about these 3 things. At least the first 2 are demonstrable. The 3rd at least demonstrates how we don't know, but just believe, and act accordingly in our state of fear, fear of a virus that isn't as bad as the flu, and fear of the state. We are mind controlled, and most can't even see it.

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Well .... You can say the exact same thing about Cancer. How do I know that that is what is killing everyone in my home town ?