Governments and COVID-19: Manipulating Economies and Mandating 'Medicine'

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We need to have working immune systems. We need to fix that, not be forced to take big pharma "medicine".

Shiva invented email at age 14. He has gone on to develop a software to understand disease and complex biological phenomena instead of using animal testing. He is against Big Pharma and Monsanto, and wants to hold companies accountable that have poisoned us to degrade our health. His focus is on using food as medicine, rather than pumping people with drugs that don't address the root of the problem.

His slogan is "Truth. Freedom. Health." He appared on the Next NEws Network to speak about a Tweet the made about the coronavirus issue on March 9th:

As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!

Shiva also keeps Tweeting about the need for local organic food.

Solution to problems created by centralisation of govt control over the food system is not hypercentralisation in hands of corporations. We need decentralisation & #farmersmarkets everywhere selling fresh,local, organic,diverse food

You can watch him talk about his past and his push against the 'Liberal' media and politicians who are deceiving people with alleged 'good intentions, as well as his take on the Coronavirus.

He also posits that next year, the plan to roll out "preventative" medicinal agendas will take place, where "laws" will be created to coerce you to take risky untested vaccines in order to function in society. Like going back to work, or riding public transportation, for example.

The new types of vaccines aren't injecting you with a dead virus and toxic aluminum to trigger your immune system. The new vaccines being developed are going to instead be nucleic acid based, which is what is in RNA and DNA. The vaccines are going to try to make the virus less viable to affect us.

Our immune systems are supposed to deal with these infections. But so many people have weakened or compromised immune systems and are unable to properly deal with infections. This is why some people are fine because they are relatively healthy to deal with it, and others get somewhat sick, and other get more sick. This happens with the flu every year, and other infections, where people die as a result, yet there is not a fear-hyped panic to control the populace, as we've seen with this COVID-19 event.

The medical tyranny is expanding on our lives. The severity is not being felt that much just yet, at least not by most people, but some are feeling the authoritarian measures from not obeying medical personnel who demand compliance.

I do think that the push for mandatory "medicine" like "vaccines" will come next year. What about you? The "experts" are not actually trying to make us healthier by fixing our immune systems and getting us to eat healthy. It's all about control over our bodies and forcing us to inject who knows what that can harm us.

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I believe it was a plandemic a lab produced biological weapon to Usher in a reset and forced vaccines. It may also be used to test the willingness of the general public to comply. Thanks my friend @krnel

This is something I have been trying to establish in the consciousness of society. "A healthy lifestyle, food and beverages, all create the perfect functioning body that would be a devastatingly lethal environment for foreign viruses.
I have not had "Any" vaccines or anti-viral medication since 1972 when I left the Marine Corps. I have never had the flu or any of the other "gotta get a shot" to avoid it propaganda. I will not catch this coronavirus either. Big Pharma is only out to take what little you have left, and this includes our current president, donald drumpf.
Be well, Be healthy, stay fit. Say "NO" to vaccines as the CDC is wealthy enough for a private corporation since they hold more patents than ANY OTHER pharmaceutical company.