Predictive Programming of a Post-Pandemic World

8개월 전

With all the COVID-19 fear-hype panic created by false information spread by the mainstream media, I want to show a potential (and likely) reality we are going to create in the near future.

There is an interesting series called Counterpart. It's about communicating with people from a parallel Earth or universe, where things are slightly different on the other side compared to ours. An event in the past created two worlds from one, where the two worlds diverged and went on different paths from that point on.


The setting we see in both worlds is Germany, where the parallel realities are kept secret from the public world, but Visas are issued to allow certain people to travel form one world to the other.

They apparently have no climate change like we do, the oceans are clean it seems, and they have a high level of development in fighting diseases and illness. They have cures for things we don't, apparently from the development of vaccines, so the fiction goes.

The part about fighting illness is what I want to show regarding how controlled and fearful the other world has become of illness.

To watch a movie at the theater, they show a public service announcement about reporting illness or face the consequences:

"With winter in the air, there's never a more important time to update your inoculations. You can do it with your physician, or at the nearest clinic. Bring your friends, bring your family."

"And remember, when we let ourselves be vulnerable to disease, we put our loved ones at risk."

"If someone you know is showing symptoms of illness and isn't seeking help, you must report this to your neighborhood clinic."

"Failure to report the illness of your loved ones is punishable by fine, jail sentence, and possible quarantine."

Personal health is public health."


People walk around with face masks:


They also put their hands through disinfecting stations periodically, in fear of getting sick, which would force them to report themselves for sickness.


Because if you don't report yourself for being sick, you're a criminal who has failed to report your sickness/illness.


If you buy a new home, you're encouraged to get a disinfecting team to ensure there isn't any risk of contracting any illness.


One traveler coming back from our world brings back some cigarettes, and forgets to declare it at the other world's customs. He is then taken into custody for possible quarantine or punishment.


Everyone in this other world may be forced to take vaccines under law in order to fight the threat of illness or disease.

I find the portrayal of this alternate world foreshadows some troubling aspects of our own world and times we live in, where people are increasingly becoming fearful of getting some sickness, illness, or disease. This has been amplified with the recent coronavirus/COVID-19 fear-hype panic.

There is an increasing demand for the support of vaccines regardless of any potential harm that is demonstrated, to even champion forcing people to get vaccinated, against their free will choice to not have vaccines injected into them or their children. This is the world we have already been living in, and more people are joining this mindset now with the COVID-19 fear based on false information spread by the mainstream media.

The coronavirus was not likely ever a real threat to warrant pandemic fear panic, but that's the current reality that has been created by media, governments, medical establishment, etc: a pandemic threat. We are going towards a post-pandemic world. What will that look like?

What do you think about where we are likely headed in the world that will mirror the Counterpart world?
Is this a world you would like to live in?
When does our free will choice to not have things injected into us get thrown out the window, where centralized authorities get to decide things for us? Do we have 1 year before this happens?

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All of this is necessary to have all of the population living in these mega cities they want. Human zones and the rest, well, not for us to even visit. The elites can I'm sure but not us. To have such a dense population, infection and disease is inevitable.'s the solution to that.

Some will fall to the fear others will not. If they take the ticket of fear they may not be able to get off the ride.

I see a lot of positives. More homeschooling, more gardening, more homesteading, firearm ownership is up, lines are being drawn the chaff is being separated from the wheat.

Yes there will be suffering, but a world without it is not a reality. There will also be victory and triumph.