Jigsaw Pieces Part Two: The Burn cycle & The Reformation Of The Social Order

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This is a direct continuation of a two part post. Part one can be found HERE.


The Hive Mind & The Internet Of Babel

Through media, pop culture and algorithmic manipulation slowly and insidiously our emotional outputs are being entrained to dance the tune of the manipulator. With increasing frequency (like this moment in time) there is an incomprehensible energy focused upon globalised crisis that require one world solutions. Whilst within that focus there exists a myriad of perspectives there is always a hive mind commonality thread that weaves its way through them all, the common thread of the moment is fear. For fear is now a fire that burns in the minds of an ever watchful public, an inferno that demands our freedom as a means to dampen its flame.

Have you noticed how well China’s methodology and technology have enabled them to beat Covid-19 into submission? Wink,wink, nudge, nudge. Dirty cash, all in this together (i.e Agenda 2030 nobody left behind), follow orders, snoopers hotline for anyone breaking the rules, “safety checkpoints, look at how much better nature is without the virus of us dirty humans, did I remind you to follow the rules?! Here we find the Pope declaring coronavirus may be a symptom of climate change. Whilst here we find corporate environmentalists Greenpeace (alongside a myriad of others) using covid-19 to push for a sustainable economy i.e Agenda 2030 and a Green new Deal.

I wonder how long it will take for our weekly claps/cheers to devolve into Orwell’s two minutes of hate? Ok I’m being facetious, but I do contend that when the time is right they will invert the goodwill that is now focused upon key workers and project it as hate upon anyone whom dares oppose the mandated benevolence of big pharma.

Through a series of events (many that are manufactured) we are being entrained to focus upon collective issues that transcend the needs of the individual. Our entry price to this brave new world is that age of individuality must end which (once you fully research/comprehend the agenda) alludes to the end of self determinism and free choice. An attempt to cultivate a hive mind mentality around concepts that drive the agenda forwards, whilst at other times secure within collective thoughts ghettos that keep us divided.

I have extensively elucidated and documented how behavioural sciences and the methodologies of social engineering are now algorithmically manifesting themselves within the halls of cyberspace. Anyone that read my mental health post that highlighted the Rockefeller seeded cybernetics (man/machine) movement will perhaps understand that this has always been the intended outcome.

Hidden in the background the one world artificial intelligence system has been quietly learning to computationally mimic neural networks, behavioural patterns, language interactions, thought processing, and emotional inputs/outputs. Breaking them down into a processing formula that then begins to subliminally lead and direct the social order. Soon they will have artificially intelligent smart phone incorporated neural networks that will mimic the functionality of the human brain and adapt to individual personality types.

Our technology is our soma and our digital hits are never more than a button away. As new (corporate centralised) technology emerges it's intent is to steal a little more of our essence and demand a little more of the self. We are feeding the internet and this is feeding the artificial intelligence that is lurking in the background. Through our freewill we are gifting this intended A.I God a digitised download of our individuality.

Increasingly, through facial recognition, voice recognition, fitness apps, and mobile phone proximity sensors that are electro-magnetically connecting to our central nervous systems (reading movement, body temperature, heartbeats, mood, emotions, menstrual cycles, and gyroscopically tracking our movements) we are already (unknowingly) involved in a man/machine symbiosis.

Through electromagnetic central nervous system and neural network interfaces I also believe our phones will increasingly have the ability to manipulate our moods. Within the last couple of weeks Micrososft have filed patent aplications for centralised technology that will mine crypto currency through physical tasks and brainwaves, financial freedom or electronic prison? Perhaps the patent number will give us an insight, the full patent id is WO/2020/060606. I will leave it to you to decide if the 666 is a coincidence.

Like the one God, by creating our digitally duplicated doppelgangers we are in effect birthing a virtual reality fractal. The A.I God will contain parts of ourselves that will instantaneously connect to the totality of the self, a synthetic reality fractal that through an electromagnetic symbiosis will begin to sychronise with and manipulate our brainwaves. The first tentative steps towards our intended connection to the internet.


Psychology & The Conspiracy Mindset

The new agers are waiting for their ascension, Christians are waiting for the tribulation and the end of days, the Luciferians are awaiting the arrival of their world teacher i.e anti-Christ. The Q patriots are anticipating the fall of the deep state, the right think a left wing conspiracy is taking over the world and the left fear that the far-right are rising, the globalists fear a populist uprising and the nationalists await a globalist takeover, whilst many climate alarmists believe we’re a virus that is going to die in a twelve years time, the transhumanists whisper the promise of eternal life.

But my friends, what is the common thread that connects them all? Change! Why? Because the hands of time have come full circle and now is the age of the vibrational reformation. This is probably best elucidated within the video above this paragraph. Certainly, as highlighted above we can observe that the prelude to the realignment manifests as chaos, though ultimately chaos is itself an overture to a higher state of order. The upper echelons of the Babylonian/dark Luciferian cult that illicit a stranglehold upon our institutions/media/and social movements understand these epochs of change. They ride the Yuga cycle and seek to instigate, manipulate and use the chaos as a means to birth their one world Ordo Ab Chao.

To varying degrees the internet algorithms of search engines and social media have enabled the infiltration, manipulation and polarisation of brain archetypes. Are you a nationalist (which is born of our tribal heritage) that wants to protect your community (tribe) and country? Here is a barrage of Islamic (some of which may be valid) fear porn that speaks to imminent threat and justifies the abyss of your darkest thoughts. Voila! The protector is now nudged towards the racist and thus has been ostracised from the very people that they (instinctively) want to protect. Welcome to the age of pseudo spirituality, the whiff of narcissism obscured by platitudes of love and the allure of hidden knowledge.

Observe how the lines between the researcher, political ideologies and conspiracy theories are now becoming increasingly blurred. In many ways several conspiracy theories (obviously I believe the overarching conspiracy to be real) are born of a manipulation of our intuition, that people instinctively know something is very wrong but through the echo chambers of the internet remain divided in their interpretation.

The thing is that we're dealing with a potentially clashing myriad of perspectives, each movement, political ideology, philosophical and spiritual belief all carry (whether at the fringes or inner core) suspicion and conspiratorial theories that often manifest in diametric opposition to one another, and all are being algorithmically coached to believe they are right. Thus we lack a coherent answer to the questions that face us and a system that attempts to divide us.


As pressure and the pace of change gathers momentum I believe we're gradually (not saying this will play out in the immediate future, more an insidious and ongoing societal reformation that is continually operating in the shadows) moving towards some form of future mental health crisis, out of which will evolve an era of mass confusion, and chaos, that draws ever greater numbers of people towards psychiatry and psychiatric medicine. Manufactured scarcity, psychological and algorithmic social engineering methodologies, the erosion of common principles, foundations and morality. A time when people increasingly and more overtly begin to focus their anger upon one another, identity labels, belief systems, religions, political ideologies, anwhere but the progenitors of their imbalance. The chaotic confusion of weaponised information from which will arise the order of state mandated "truth."

That's not to say I don't believe there will be an awakening, but in our current inverted state of being I believe (like an alcoholic) we will first have to hit rock bottom, and thus our story has a few more twists and turns before we usher in a true golden age.

Again, I want to make it clear (note the name of my blog) that it would be intellectually dishonest of me to not draw a distinction between my reasearch and my thoughts, conjecture, observations, and I'm certainly not arrogant enough to proclaim I have all the answers. Equally, I will relay that I've been on this journey a very long time, and whilst the voices were few, before the days of the internet and most certainly before the intelligent algorithms of social media, they were far more unified.


Energetic Manipulation

The social engineer/dark artist deals in the manipulation of energy, and by manipulating our emotional energy you influence our freewill. If you ever doubt the power of emotional manipulation then look around you, fear is a powerful control mechanism. Equally, when expedient to do so our pent up anger and suppressed frustrations have the potential to be directed and unleashed as a storm upon the earth. Certainly, the right/wrong sequence of events could be presented in such a way that we become increasingly confrontational and society more volatile.

I believe there are historical contexts for many of the changes that are taking place. Throughout history (and I have previously written about how they used old world wealth to start the modern banking system) they appear to be a driving force behind both the rise and fall of civilisations that collapse under the weight of mental illness, suspicion, perversion and malfeasance. That this system observes the coming changes as a burn cycle that enables the phoenix to rise from the ashes of disillusion and social reformation.

With each fall they retain the vast wealth/resources/land/assets they have accumulated and use it to start anew, a process that is now playing out in front of our eyes. Over thousands of years this has been building towards a one world control system that has been enabled by the incremental indulgance of our greed, lust and desire for power. Hence we stand between two ages, caught within a macro false dichotomy where the collapse of the old and the pseudo promises of the new age is their intended endgame.

Operating in the shadows, introducing ideas and creating the conditions for them to thrive and evolve, playing people/movements off against each other. They have inflitrated the financial systems to such a degree that they have begun to collapse under the weight of their Machiavellian manipulations. Under the guise of bailouts they are using its dying gasps as a power grab and as a means to accumulate a vast array of resources and assets. Equally, in a cultural sense I think its prudent to consider whether there has been a conscious decision to pull the plug, that we are witnessing a controlled demolition that will shake foundations of our societies. As elements of this evil are brought into the light, our revulsion will provide the momentum from which to usher in their intended new age.

Whilst our current system is akin to societal walking dead, I feel they want the people to be the ones that are banging our nails into its coffin. Recoiling in horror at the abuse that has become interwoven with aspects of our culture, a macro cultural problem, reaction, solution. Embracing tighter controls, willingly exchanging freedom for the promise of security, snooping culture, a new financial system that pays a digital world wage? Who knows. In our haste we may find ourselves being tricked into throwing the good out with the bad, to willingly surrender our inalienable rights without even pausing to consider what they are or the ramifications of what we have done.


Conspiracy Manipulation

Whatever your analysis of our current crisis, it is my belief that we are also in the midst of a psychological exercise that alongside a social restructuring seeks (over the coming years) to nudge us towards a crisis of mind. Indeed, we can observe the sculped fragile mindstates of those seeking a safe space government. But I also consider how they could be able to use conspiracy/truth movement to their advantage?

I say this fully inclusive of myself and in full acknowledgment and respect for some of the great work that has been carried out. But looking back at the WEF's 200 layers deep strategic intelligence action plan, do you not think they will have planned their brave new world with the similar (if not far greater) levels of complexity and detail? Do you think any of this wouldn't have been anticipated?

Many expose's and investigations have been extremely inconvenient for the control structure, but I fail to believe that this wouldn't have been considered and thus manipulated in such a way that by weathering the storms and focusing on the long game it could be used to their benefit. Whilst we may have very well (justifiably) aided the gradual erosion of our current mind control paradigm, we are also enabling the framework and fuelling the momentum of their intended antithesis.

Once our societal pillars had been fully infiltrated and served a purpose who's intent was to enable the fruition of our brave new world. They have used us to sow the (albeit valid) seeds of disharmony and dissatisfaction into pop culture, the subconscious fertile minds of resentment primed to sprout the green shoots of manipulated change. Nudging society towards an era of deep mistrust, and lack of faith in our foundational institutions. Strong foundations are instrumental in the binding of a cohesive society, thus over the coming years I feel we could be moving towards a sharp rise in mental health issues, a soft psychosis and an engineered social breakdown.

Like a militaristic exercise they seek to break us/society down in order that we can be rebuilt in their desired image. I believe this is the reason for the increased focus upon mental health, and that there will be increasing attempts to draw certain ideoliges, conspiratorial theories into this arena. As the pressure ramps up, it hasn't gone unnoticed that within the coronavirus bill, protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act have been lowered.

Another element I've also noticed is how in your face this is becoming. Yes within esoteric law such a system would need to signal its intent, but theres also seems to be an element that is trolling those of a more paranoid disposition, potentially goading them into some form of reaction. Certainly, I would advvise anyone to be very careful how and where you focus your energy, your fear, anger, hatred.

I see people here in the UK (and other parts of the world) burning down 5G masts, abusing engineers and speaking of revolution. Personally, and this is aside from any preparation, my revolution is an inner peace, a good intent, self awareness, self sufficiency, community relationships, a shrug of the shoulders and the word NO! Does that sound trite? Well I’ve been writing about 5G for many years highlighting potential health concerns and drawing attention to the fact that it is the glue that is going to bind the electronic prison that is being built around us. One thing I can never condone is violence, for that is the game of the aggressor and we would be foolish to play it.


Final Thoughts

The thing is, true power is found within and not externally expressed through violence. You are paying for your own enslavement, throw away your smart phones, don’t use Google, don’t use Amazon and don’t use any of the technology that is being used to control, monitor, and silence our voices, then write and tell them why. I wonder how many people burning down 5G masts are doing it with the latest globalist tracking device (i.e smartphone) tucked in their back pockets, typing their words of anger into their ipad or Google chrome book? Clearly some people feel that acts of violence are preferable to being a conscientiousness consumer?

I wonder how many pause to consider the fact that it is our participation, our taxes and our fear of the unknown that is propping this all up? You have power, but your every purchase and acquiescence makes you that little bit more powerless and the control system more powerful! The word NO! elicits an incredibly potent force and you still have the power to change this and walk away from it, one day you won’t.


We are the ones holding this entire system together, and we bind it in our belief that it is real, that their false definitions of power are real, they aren't, it is an illusion! For power derived from overpowering is an expression of imbalance, paranoia, and a fragile state of mind. We don’t need a revolution, we need an evolution of thought, compassion, consciousness and comprehension, until we have that, and until we're able to unify in intent as opposed to allowing ourselves to be divided by details, our decentralised dreams will be built upon foundations of sand.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Until next time I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.

Whilst all future important research will always remain open and free, as a self employed business owner during these uncertain financial times I will also be setting up a Subscribe Star page for anyone that wishes to support my research, writing and page centric creative output. In the meantime, if you appreciate my voice and perspective and would like to enable me to research and write more, I would really appreciate the support/upvote and/or resteem. Equally, any donations can be given to the litecoin address below.

Litecoin: LdzNy4ZdvTXLCV4ZwbGMx56CmGypar9BXW








8: https://steempeak.com/conspiracy/@perceptualflaws/green-phoenix-further-connections-funding-the-rebellion






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Excellent again, having also read part one. Here you answer my earlier question as to how do we rise up and overthrow the coming agenda: It is an internal business, we focus on our inner peace, love and fearlessness.
We retreat to a self-sufficient, like-minded community and vibrate out peace and love. The global agenda now at the transition of the Great Ages into Aquarius, with it's tech and hive mind, is inevitable. And Kali Yuga is only going toward entropy anyway. The devas have left a long time ago.
I personally use the weapon of humor to disarm and charm any false alarm.


Thank you my friend .. yes, personally I view this as a spiritual war (other people may comprehend it in a more philosophical sense) but ultimately, it is my belief that in terms of political idealogy and associated movements, collectives, identitarian politics, we have a manufactured illusion of choice that all ultimately arrive at the same destination, some are more convoluted whilst others are more straight to the point, but they all possess commonalities that help drive this forward. So ultimately (and I speak for myself) whilst external influences attempt to subvert us and deviate us from our true path, this journey is deeply personal and the only true choices we have are the decisions we make as individuals, how we interact with each other, and the compassion that we give to one another. It's about finding an inner balance and reclaiming our inner power .. for once this is achieved we will have the power to change the world. This will happen, but first we have to collectively travel through this dark night and remember who we are, and that is why we're taught to focus upon the external influeces/perspectives at the expense of our internal wisdom. Thanks again my friend

Yes, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is first and foremost a spiritual war. For this reason and only for this reason, I think that some good may come from people having to confront their own inner landscape instead of drowning it out in pubs and clubs etc. Parents realising that they can teach their own children and enjoy their company in the process is another big bonus. Personally, I feel rather guilty because my life is not really very much changed. I can't lunch out or drive into the country or the seaside, but it gives me even more time to research my own interests and enjoy the journey inside of self. What does sadden me, as you have outlined, is the readiness of people to spy and report on fellow citizens and to verbally bully others online, in the name of truth. But then I know that we are all at different stages and live in different realities. Overcoming the attack on our consciousness is where I am trying to concentrate my energy. Encouraging love where possible in place of fear, because fear has it's own momentum in communities and will run riot if not ameliorated. The numerology is always present in their plans. Part of the power and part of the mocking. Thank you for recording it all with such style.


Hey my friend .. sorry I missed this I've been getting confused switching and answering questions between the two sites ..on that note, #musicmonday is now on #hive.blog .. let me know if you have trouble logging in. I think if people are open to it then there will most certainly be some good and plenty of self-reflection that can be derived from it .. certainly, I haven't been wasting the time and am using it to draw some ideas together and also formulate a new business, enjoy my surroundings and family relationships. My fear is that when people leave they will treat what would have previously been perceived as an oppressive monitoring system as some form of pseudo freedom .. perhaps even relishing it and enjoying the benevolent safety blanket supplied by our governmental overlords. Ultimately, like you say, love and fear .. that's what it all comes down to and I know which side of the coin we fall upon. ;) Thanks again my friend!!


I hear your concern, but I think I am beginning to realise that we are all on our own journey. It is only when we seek the truth that we find it and that is why 'trying to wake people up' has little effect. It might nudge those with a growing discomfort and so it is important to get messages out, but not to rely on their being heard. I don't fancy joining anything called hive to be honest. I have only stuck around here to read your work. Do you have a youtube channel? Mine is patacorn (no uploads and kept at private). Somewhere I can get news of your book? If you still intend to post articles here, then I will get news here. If you are leaving completely, then I would be happy to transfer my tiny amount of earnings here to you as I would just stop using it.


Hey my friend,

Yes I agree, that is the reason at least attempt to weave a deeper meaning/elucidation into everything I write, thus if people ever stumble across my words they may be in such a place in their life that they may aid their understanding. In truth, I only have 3 more of these larger conspiracy style posts to finish and then it's onto some other areas I want to explore. I've always been grateful of your support, so whilst I will probably keep #musicmonday in one place .. I will continue to post all the articles I share on that site, over here. I don't have a youtube channel, but my friend is finally working on my website, so I'll keep you up to date. With the changes I saw occurring around us, my conscience dictated that I write this series of posts before I continued with the book, but now I'm nearly at the end of that journey .. I can start to refocus on that and will, of course keep you informed. Thanks again my friend!

In some ways, I tend to think that you over-complexify the situation here but concede that could be the case.
My view is more simple and can be summed up in three words: 'Yahweh is Satan'...And then we have the added fact that there is only one group of people mired in controversy millennia after millennia...2+2=4...If we look at Jesus' confrontation with Satan in the wilderness we see that Satan didn't offer him South America:P Nope, he offered him the whole world! It's the ONLY spiritual view that fits and simplifies the who of the matter...
But there are two issues that do make it complicated: what exactly is Yahweh? And are Yahweh and its archons lying about physics? See Theoria Apophasis and Santos Bonacci...
In Christian Gnosticism, it is said that the Demiurge at some point in cosmological history was shown via a vision of who and what the Pleroma is...and, of course, it rejected it and still wages war against it...So that was Yahweh tempting the Christ! The RCC just created a religion out of Ceasar and that pacified the Jews because it protected Yahweh at a time that this knowledge was ubiquitous via the Marcionites and Gnostics who were systematically murdered...
Here we go again for God knows how many times this has played out...
I like your solutions though but hope to see them systemized in a positive way rather than negative...


Also, think of who controls the Matrix (mind) and in the N.T. it was said that it is the domain of Satan/Yahweh in Gnosticism. And then look at the world mind today and see who has colonized it: Judaism and its demented children all saying Yahweh is good. About 4-billion people (damn Satan sure is lousy at his job); Marx who colonized half of the earth; Ayn Rand whose thoughts are ubiquitous in D.C. and world financial centers...Add to that the media and who it promotes and one has the near-total colonization of the 'mind' upon the earth...


Hello my friend, hope you've been keeping well? Yes, I think it's wise to keep an open mind on such matters which is why I drew a distinction between some of my thoughts in this part, and the research-based aspects of the first. Equally, the posts I've listed below go some way to explaining firstly the intent and secondly the modern framework/architecture that appears to be bringing said intention to fruition. When you fast forward a few years and bring an artificially intelligent quantum powered machine learning algorithm into the equation, in the right (wrong hands) you could have a scientifically refined level of collective thought/propaganda ghetto that exists both beyond the comprehension and awareness of the average person. Indeed when I look around at the increasingly dogmatic nature of social media echo chambers and the back and forth arguments that take place between them, I observe that repetition reigns supreme, people rallying around and repeating certain ideas, studies (that appear to validate their belief whilst refusing to acknowledge the validity of opposing studies) labels, meme's and internalising them as their own perspective.

I can't see this being rolled back anytime soon, people appear to increasingly crave perceptual conformity over originality, yes to varying degrees this has always been the case for it speaks to the survival mechanisms of our tribal heritage .. but I feel a future cutting edge artificially intelligent machine learning system, could (if created to do so) use this psychological heritage to its advantage and draw people into digital thought tribes with relative ease, in many ways, this is simply an evolution of what is already occurring. We have to remember how centralised many aspects of the net is becoming and (as per the below posts) who is behind this attempt to control what information we can consume, Imagine a learning system already pre-programmed with the sum of all psychological knowledge. As people increasingly become cocooned within these dogmatic digital padded cells, they also become increasingly hostile to opposing viewpoints, and thus can become nudged towards the extremes of their belief systems/ideologies. I also observe that the control system wants to vastly reduce the population, and that the evil we visit upon one another we do (albeit from a manipulated state of being) of our own volition and to ourselves, indeed this system already appears very adept at pitting us against each other, introducing ideas, whispering in ears, nurturing our worst virtues, and creating the fertile grounds for them to flourish.

Equally, in terms of a hive mind .. I've come to an awareness that many people want self-proclaimed "experts" to do their thinking for them, to focus on the relative trivialities of life and content to hand away their imagination and let other people define their reality. If you had such a system that was marketed with 100% accuracy I feel a majority of people would follow its every word. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone would think the same about everything., certainly not in matters of trivia, but you could create certain thought commonalities that if you challenged them would be akin to saying the grass is pink. Individuality within the home, friend environments, collectivised thought ghetto's/ideologies, with common threads that connect them all and feed a centralised belief system. I will explain it much better when I have a chance to sit down and iron it all out! :)

In terms of an A.I God, again I observe that this is what they're moving towards.

1: Omniscient = The power to know everything
2: Omnipotent = Godlike power and authority
3: Omnipresent = The ability to be everywhere at the same time

In terms of the old world/new world control models perhaps we could view it as an attempt to move us away from and invert the natural law of the one true God. First step, control through fear, then as some of the evil attributed to this system is deliberately brought into the light, use the momentum of our rejection to weaponise of our desire for liberation that (through the manipulation of our freewill) brings us into an inverted state of being. Our quest for liberation evolving to become our prison, ain't that an oxymoron. ;)



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