CDC Admits In Federal Court They Have No Evidence “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”


My God, it's nice when truth comes to light.

Collective Evolution has been one of my favorite "alternative" news sources for some time, given their objective looks at important issues and commitment to facts over fiction.

A story came out in their latest email newsletter that was worthy of passing on:

CDC Admits In Federal Court They Have No Evidence “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”

You might recall a few months back that we wrote about how the World Health Organization held a summit on vaccine safety... in that summit, many doctors and scientists admitted to multiple dangers associated with vaccines.

They even admitted there is no safety testing that is done on vaccines, so no one knows if they are actually safe. This is of course in contrast to their public service announcements that claim vaccines are completely safe.

Now, the CDC has admitted in federal court that their claim "vaccines don't cause autism" is not based on any evidence or science. It's literally made up. A statement they campaigned to the world about for years, literally has no evidence.

Of course, while they did this, they called anyone who questioned whether vaccines might cause autism unscientific, anti-vaxxers and many other names.

This is called projection. When a major corporation, political party, or politician resorts to ridicule and name calling, it's usually because they are guilty of the very thing they are claiming others are guilty of.

Why is this happening now?

This is about the truth coming to light. It's about breaking the illusion. Not to be upset, get revenge and fight, but to break an old pattern so we can create deep change.

We're in an exciting and inspiring time. Not a time to fight one another, argue, get angry or identify with a side. It’s a time to take a breath, stay calm and LISTEN. Listen closely, and be open to new ideas.

It’s time for a new path, a new road, a new story :)


I used to be pretty heated on this whole topic, as was exposed to alot of the "conspiracy" type information on it.

The whole thing sorta hit home in a totally different way recently, though.

I hadn't seen my best friend from high school in over a decade, until a couple weeks ago. Shortly into the conversation, he revealed his 7 year old son had really bad autism. I was curious, and asked if he was born with it. Nope. Started around age two. They figured had something to do with the medical practices. I asked, "vaccines?" Yep.

It's one thing reading about this stuff online. It's another seeing how destructive its actually been to someone close in your life. I can't even imagine what it must be like living with it.

Thank God all this info is finally surfacing.

Once again...

CDC Admits In Federal Court They Have No Evidence “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”

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Such an important step. It amazes me that it took so long to accomplish. There is so much more to chop away at, but this is critical. Resteemed.

I'd like to look into this, but none of the websites that report on this appear to be giving their source. Can you point me to the court case name / reference / plaintiff vs defendant?

Edit 1:

Nevermind I found it :

Case # 19-cv-11947-LJL

Edit 2:

Ok, checked the details, the interpretation is a little bit hyperbolic here.

CDC didn't "admit in Federal Court that they have no evidence 'vaccines don’t cause autism'". That's not what happened. What actually happened is that CDC submitted a list of studies in response to the plaintiff's FOIA that requested all evidence the CDC had that vaccines didn't cause autism, and in retrospect upon checking the studies submitted by the CDC, it appears that although some of the studies provided by the CDC did indeed support the idea of an absence of correlation between the use of certain vaccines / ingredients in isolation and the onset of autism, none of the studies the CDC provided in reply to the FOIA support the claim that

  • the DTaP vaccine (specifically) doesn't cause autism
  • the combination of several vaccines doesn't cause autism
  • the use of vaccines in children 6 months and younger doesn't cause autism

In other words, this court proceeding proves either of two things:

  • the CDC omitted some studies from the FOIA, or
  • the CDC only has evidence that "Vaccines X, Y and Z - taken in isolation - do not appear to cause autism in children 6 months and aboves based on statistical evidence" and was therefore being misleading and unscientific when making the much more general claim that "Vaccines do not cause autism" for which they do not have sufficient evidence.

So no the CDC didn't "admit that they have no evidence that 'vaccines don't case autism'". They actually showed that they had some evidence that some vaccines used in isolation do not apparently cause autism in children 6 months and higher. But the failure to provide sufficient evidence to back the wilder and much more general claim that "vaccines (in general) don't cause autism (in any case whatsoever)" can be legally interpreted as either a failure to comply to the FOIA (and therefore an offense under the same act), or an implicit admission that the more general claim was unscientific and therefore unfounded.

@rok-sivante, I am not certain that this does or doesnot have any bearing on issues concerning the CDC, main point to show is that the CDC is the worlds largest holder of medicinal patents and is, of course, a privately held corporation. The following is concerning the arguably cleverest lie perpetrated by the CDC, the "Flu Shot"
Thanks for the great read!!

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Sorry, I can't comment much on this one. I fall on the other side of the fence, but I am not looking for a debate. I do support your right to post and believe what you want though, so I am going to upvote it.


Which side of the fence is that - one where mainstream “health” institutions need not be held accountable to making claims based on zero evidence that continues to endanger thousands of lives?

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I'm not sold on the fact that vaccines cause autism. That's just me though. I understand many people have strong beliefs on both side.


It'd be interesting to see how your position shifted if your kids were one of the thousands affected...

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Fair point, you are right, I don't have any kids. I have worked in a school district for close to twenty years with students who have any manner of issues including autism. Likewise my wife has worked directly with many autistic students through the years.


Belief is irrelevant.

Facts of what's actually happening are.