PROBLEM Food Chain REACTION Their SOLUTIONS Part 1: Reset The Table

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Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

Bertrand Russell

Hello dear friends, so part 6 has come and gone. I hope that those whom have read those posts, realize now or had their own observations affirmed by the information there within, the seriousness the situation and are taking actions to prepare for the bumpy road ahead.

If you haven’t read them yet, you may like to go do that now.

The CoronaviruS Pan(dem)ic Part 6: The Hunger Games

Part 1

Part 2

This post is about what comes after the food crisis, the (dare I say) ‘Holodomor 2.0’. This post is a look at what is next, what are their ‘Solutions’ for food security in the ‘post-covid’ world?

From the Rockefeller Institute: Whom also wrote “Future of technology and international development” a report from 10 years ago that predicted te covid-19 pandemic response in the scenario “Lockstep”.

Well, they’re back with a new detailed report: “Reset The Table” outlining their plan to “Transform the U.S. food system”.

Using Covid-19 as their excuse err I mean opportunity to change the very system that they admittedly helped to create in the first place.

Covid-19 (whether you think it’s a real virus or not) didn’t cause any of this. It didn’t expose a fragile system, because covid 19 doesn’t make the rules, it doesn’t control the actions we take. This reaction to such a non-lethal virus (real or fake) has never happened before, not to this degree at least.

Viruses come and go, that’s life. Viruses play an integral role in life, they help us to detox our systems when there’s too mug toxicity. Viruses are vehicles of horizontal gene transfer. The natural way, not the bill gates way lol Viruses help us to evolve as a species. The natural viruses, Again not the bill gates viruses. But I digress.

I didn’t notice this before, but the Rockefeller Institute mentions the 94% long before (July 28th) the CDC announced it last week.

Here’s a link to the cdc report link

Alrighty, translation: A combination of government, corporate and NGO’s will work together to take control of the food supply and feed everyone communally, like livestock.

There’s nothing wrong in itself with communal eating, but what if it was the only way for the majority of people to eat? Prior to the scamdemic I noticed a trend of food halls popping up in cities. These massive food court-like setups with tons of restaurants.

Again, nothing wrong in itself. However, it made me think of how Winston Smith ate food in the book 1984.

Obviously, the food halls are not oppressive (yet) and filthy like in 1984. Nonetheless, it’s a precursor to the future, where they may gather people into these food halls, with social distancing and limited capacity etc. Oh, wait. They already do that!

Can imagine with food shortages added to the equation how much more this would be like the food canteens in 1984? To make it more sinister let’s toss in a mandatory vaccine, wait! Not ‘mandatory’ per se. You can choose not to get the covid-19 vaccine, but you just won’t have access to the food hall among other things.

Speaking of obesity, check out what is happening in the UK.

Ahh! Do you see that? People are eating more calories than they need. It’s causing a problem with healthcare and first we will come out with a program to encourage people to change their fatty ways. Next they will turn up the pressure, you get the pattern.

Eventually it could look like this.

Also in the UK

Food waste is going to become a big focus in the near future. We are already seeing how things are going in China.

The punishment for food waste will grow in severity, just as they did with the covid-19 health measures.

It seems that these smart cans are destined for all over the world. Gasp 😱

It’s not that I’m pro food waste. I just value freedom. I want to choose how I deal with my own food waste. I don’t want it dictated to me and I sure as hell don’t want your stinking obey credits! Okay, moving on for now.

“Food as medicine” You know what really pisses me off about this “reset the table” report, is that many of the things in it was the stuff I was pushing for back when I first started waking up. What with the march against Monsanto and food as medicine, etc. These assholes (who created the problem to begin with) hijacked it all, only their version is disingenuous and anti-freedom.

About a couple years ago, I had a theory (I think wrote about it in a steemit post), that they nudged us along the way. This whole organic movement, MAM, save the bees, all of that stuff. They infiltrated and created the grassroots movements and steered us on that path. So that we’d think we were winning when they made the shift.

IDK, Maybe a few really will be happy with the solutions they bring in. I for one am pissed off and I’m not going to acquiesce and let them pull this world out from under my legs. NOPE!

If I were to make a list of words I really hate these days “resilient” would be high up on that list. They use it all the time in their propaganda. It’s high up their with words such as sustainable and inclusivity.

Translation: Regional Food Hubs. This fits into the food Halls as well, but what this really means, is establishing smaller supply chains because? Well, to better control populations.

Think about it, if you set up these food hubs all over a region like say in my city. In Edmonton, the scum bag mayor (Don Iveson) and city council have been working with other municipalities in forming a regional pact.

The region has to include rural sections because obviously, they can’t rely on urban farming setups alone for food.

However, in OUR VISION (the people) Everyone in the urban landscape would grow food in their own back yard (if they have one). That would create independence and also community because people could barter and exchange goods and seeds with their neighbours.

Unfortunately, that goes against their technocratic wet dream of tracking and tracing every single micro-transaction that occurs in the community.

Is it food for good as in good food, or is it food, for good? As in food once and for good! 🤷‍♂️

This group “food4good”. Just a bunch of mind controlled people who think they are doing good. They are in some ways, yes. However, what they can’t see is that they are helping to create a system of control over the food supply, because like I said before...You know what? I’m going to get Rosa Koire articulate this for me again.

Skip to the 15 minute mark in the video.

The point I’m trying to make here is that no, covid-19 is not the reason they “resetting the table”, they have already been ‘resetting the table’ for many years. I’ve shown in city alone that they are doing this, but you can look at any other city and see the same damn thing happening.

This has been a part of the planners’ agenda for a long long time. We were warned about this food takeover over 30 years ago. On 3 tapes, recorded by Randy Engel, National Director of the US Coalition for Life, in 1988. A Dr. Lawrence Dunegan recounts a speech given on March 20, 1969 by Dr Richard Day.

These Tape recordings are commonly referred to as “The New Order of Barbarians” tapes. I have spoken of these tapes in multiple posts because of the many other ‘predictions’ although they aren’t really predictions, they were indeed an outline of things to come.

It has been extremely accurate on many of the things stated. Including, yes you guessed it. Food shortages! In order to gain full control of our food supply!

That's crazy! They can’t ban gardening, no one would stand for that... would they?

It tasted like Satan’s doody? 😆

So this is the fault of commercial seed producers, not this amateur gardener.

Well, there ya go. Don’t save seeds. Go with commercially produced stuff. You can trust them this time. Except not with Unwin, they never win. 😉

OoooOo, stay away from that deadly garden in your backyard. Those killer courgettes are like Satan sh#tting in your mouth! Such nonsense.

Do you remember the mystery seeds from China?

These seeds are being sent to people in urban settings and besides farmers usually have their own dealers that they like to do business with, that is if they are not saving the seeds from their own crops.

Well, there you go. Problem, reaction, solution. Seeds ban on amazon and I believe Wish now as well. What’s to make us think this type of Hegelian dialectic won’t work to target gardens/hobby farms?

All that has to happen is for the bird flu to hit the US (fake or real) and the rest writes itself.

Note: I do see a lot of pro backyard gardening articles when I research and that’s great. However, it’s important to understand this COULD happen in the near future. I write all this as a warning to be prepared for the worst, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all that you can still enjoy.

Don’t ever take my work as a discouragement from doing the things you want to do. On the contrary, I want you do them and MORE. Grow food, get chickens or whatever. Take advantage of whatever gardening pilot projects that align with your vision.

That’s all I wanted to say about that. I don’t want to be all about doom and gloom. I just write these to express my concerns on what I observed to be coming, backed by what the planners have foreshadowed to us over the decades. But I digress.

Back to the New Order of Barbarians’ tapes. There is a lot of incredible things on these tapes, including things like lab babies and a social credit system, chip implants, etc. There are many things that have come true since the tapes were recorded. I highly recommend you listen to them.

The New Order of Barbarians:





Also just as a note Dr Richard Day is indeed a real person with the credentials mentioned in the 4th Tape.


“Equitable” is another one of those words that has put a sickening pit into the bottom of my stomach, from reading/hearing it so much lately. I have nothing against equality and being fair to others but yet again when the new world order is charge of such idea, it’s not to make everyone’s lives better.

It’s actually to diminish and disqualify those who are white, while giving biased advantages to those who meet the right parameters for a minority and will be given special treatment.

I have absolutely no problems with other races, however they are just being used in this situation. It’s a ploy and anyone who speaks out against this obvious racism will themselves be labelled racist.

Here’s a question to BIPOC: do you think the answer to this so called ‘systemic racism’ (even though POC hold many high positions in all departments around the country and much of the world). Is to create systemic racism towards those who are not BIPOC?

Anyways, just a thought. It doesn’t matter anyways, because it will screw us all in the end. I just hope we can unite and stop falling for the manufactured racial division, they have created through the media.

There it is, the Rockefeller Institute admitting it created this very toxic health/food system. Systems that went completely against what they’re proposing now. Should we trust them, now that they have finally turned over a new leaf?

It’s disturbing enough to read through the report by the Rockefeller Institute, but even worse is finding that this sort of stuff is being codified into law. Yes...

Ahh, they created a situation where farmers have to abandon their crops or their farms shut down because of covid-19 testing. Then they come in and take all that food. They are also scouring the dumps for foods to salvage for donations too. I’m not against stopping food waste but doesn’t that sound a bit off to you? Like there’s perhaps a bit of desperation here?

”The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is a wholly owned United States government corporation that was created in 1933 to "stabilize, support, and protect farm income and prices" (federally chartered by the CCC Charter Act of 1948 (P.L. 80-806)). The CCC is authorized to buy, sell, lend, make payments, and engage in other activities for the purpose of increasing production, stabilizing prices, assuring adequate supplies, and facilitating the efficient marketing of agricultural commodities.”

The CCC (333) created in 1933. Enough said.

In part 6 I showed how the media was telling you not to be a selfish hoarder of food. States around the US were/are stocking up on anything from peanut butter to apple sauce.

Sports franchises? Mmmhmm.

Why is the government so hard pressed to stock up on food stuffs? Well, as I showed in part 6. They ran out of surplus food and sold off their wheat reserves years ago.

I believe that they are planning for a future of food scarcity (real or manufactured). I believe that they are building up food rations in order to control population and bring them to their knees. A way of forcing people to take the vaccine and play along with all of their whims in order to eat. But I digress.

Germany ASF (African Swine Fever)

It’s no secret that they want to end meat production. We have known this for years and since the beginning of the scamdemic, we have only seen this agenda being ramped up. So anytime I hear about an outbreak in livestock, I have to wonder “will this be the big one?”

Remember, they want to reset EVERYTHING. That’s the point of this whole post. I want to show the incoming crisis and the solutions... ‘Their solutions’.

It’s really starting to become a broken record. So many parts of the world are have bad seasons.

Speaking of Germany, I am reminded of an article I read while working on part 6 and simply forgot to include in the post. However, it’s quite relevant to what is happening now.

Right, this is the narrative I have been seeing in my research. Hungry people tend to riot, naturally. Will we see food riots in the future? Quite possibly.

Mmmhmm, “Local or regionally produced food”

Let’s ponder for a second why such a study is being done? Are they planning to shut down food exports and have the US solely feed itself? I think the answer is most certainly yes. However, we can pontificate on that more later.

Oh, shocker! The costal regions are no good. Better drive the people into the mainland. How convenient that modelled study fits perfectly with Agenda 21.

Same with the diet stuff, less or no meat (unless it’s your birthday 😉)

A Global Diet Is Coming.

Oh, yes. I’ve been covering this agenda for a while now. Covid-19 didn’t expose a fragile food system. They have long planned to change the food system and used a fake pandemic as an excuse to cripple it and bring in their precious agenda 21 solutions.

To get a glimpse at the future they want to bring in just watch Planned-Opolis

The video was originally made by Forum for the future, their video is based off of their guide Megacities on the move - your guide to the future of sustainable urban mobility in 2040 created November 2010.

Okay, back to the Germans now. lol

“The ability to survive without relying on foreign imports”

Well, doesn’t that sound awfully familiar. Are the planners of today working off a Nazi model? No, it was the eugenicist technocratic minds of yesteryear that the Nazis based their model from. These are the people who are still very much in control of the US and most of the world. They are just taking the ideas of the past and implementing them now with the technology now to do so.

The push for fake meats has grown substantially over the last couple years. I showed in part 6 how Cargill timed the release of its plant based burgers along with the closures of its meat processing plants.

In China they have deals with celebrities to push plant based.

3D bio printers will play a major role in the future of food production. They are small, programmable and versatile. Remember the replicator in Star Trek: The Next Generation? I believe that was indeed predictive programming. (Of course it was)

I have wondered for a while since I started covering the narrative of 3D printers and viruses. What if they used a 3D food printer to introduce an infection? They only have to hack the printer and insert the correct RNA code into the programmed meals. Just a thought, I’m no scientist and perhaps I’m talking pure fiction.

However, it is in a show, where medical 3D printers were used to coordinate a biological attack in multiple countries simultaneously.

You can see that bit of predictive programming in my video

Group called RethinkX put out a report last year that really stuck in my head. I mentioned it before in part 6 but it stands to be mentioned again. It was about a “great protein disruption” and the end of the livestock industry.

“The Cow Must Go”: “Protein Disruption” & Nanobot Consumption By 2030

The WWF has a vision for indoor farming.

Hey, so does the IMF!

“a hunger pandemic and a doubling of people starving may soon eclipse the coronavirus” oh, boy. That sounds serious. Oh, right! That’s why I’m writing about this stuff! Now, the question is what are their plans to ‘save us’?

Oh, it’s just the same plans as all the other elites. Basically “reset the table” yada yada yada.

What is comes down to is maximizing the amount of food on as little space as possible. Why? They want to pack as many people into their megacities as possible. This mean closing down family farms and bringing in everyone from these rural areas into their cities. So that they can be track as traced and databased with everyone else.

They hope to have this all locked down by 2050. Behold the MEGAREGIONS! (Sounds like something from Transformers)

About America 2050

”America 2050 is Regional Plan Association's national infrastructure planning and policy program, providing leadership on a broad range of transportation, sustainability, and economic-development issues impacting America's growth in the 21st century. A major focus of America 2050 is the emergence of megaregions - large networks of metropolitan areas, where most of the population growth by mid-century will take place. Examples of megaregions are the Northeast Megaregion, from Boston to Washington, or Southern California, from Los Angeles to Tijuana, Mexico. Megaregions comprise multiple, adjacent metropolitan areas connected by overlapping commuting patterns, business travel, environmental landscapes and watersheds, linked economies, and social networks. America 2050 has identified 11 megaregions in the United States”

I’m seeing the new narrative, the next wave coming from a mile away. The food pandemic is coming. More and more mainstream reports using the words ‘food shortages’ eventually it will all come out and the shit will really hit the fan. It’s one thing to scare people with a virus, but to threaten them with starvation is whole other beast.

I have to end my post now I’m about to reach my limit 🤦‍♂️, but I don’t want to leave you on a low note. In part 6 I announced that I am making a series called “OUR SOLUTIONS” a minimum of one post a week showing things we can do during these tough times to protect ourselves, build our own food security solutions. We can do this!

Thank you for stopping by and as always.

Reporting from the Brave New World I am...


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