Problem (Food Chain) Reaction (‘Their’) Solutions Part 2: SYNDEMIC



”A set of linked health problems involving two or more afflictions, interacting synergistically, and contributing to excess burden of disease in a population. Syndemics occur when health-related problems cluster by person, place, or time. For example, the SAVA syndemic is comprised of substance abuse, violence, and AIDS, three conditions that disproportionately afflict those living in poverty in US cities. To prevent a syndemic, one must prevent or control not only each affliction but also the forces that tie those afflictions together. From syn-, together + (epi)-demic.”

Word origin: Syn- From Greek sun together, with

”We’re all In this Together”

or better yet

”We’re all in this Syn”

It makes you think, right? We all know how these psychopaths work, how they like to code everything.

What’s another ‘Syn’ word that fits what’s taking place? ‘Synthetic’. Synthetic food, synthetic meats, synthetic breast milk, synthetic virus.

How about ‘Synthesis’?

“the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis,) the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements.”

“We’re all in this synthesis”. A one world, a one people, a one world government and a one world system.

Synthesis - “Philosophy. the third stage of argument in Hegelian dialectic, which reconciles the mutually contradictory first two propositions, thesis and antithesis.”

Okay, I’ll stop now. Yet another cryptic piece to the (big picture) puzzle!

Hello dear friends. I’m back with part 2 of my Problem (Food Chain) Reaction (Their) Solutions series. If you haven’t yet gone through part 1. Be sure to hit that up after you read, like and share the F out of this post.

Problem (Food Chain) Reaction (Their) Solutions Part 1: Reset The Table

Syndemic, have you heard of this term? You will soon. The term was created by a thing called Merrill Singer.

”Merrill Singer is a medical anthropologist with a focus on structural and biosocial factors in health, drug use and HIV/AIDS, global warming and health, disease interactions, and the elimination of health disparities.”

The Merrill creature isn’t particularly interesting, but his terminology is and it fits so well with everything that’s going on right now, even down to the word etymology, truly fascinating! But I digress.

The reason I’m telling you about this term is because it’s about to become the word you will be hearing for the next year, nay, for the next decade! You see, I have been doing my research into the whole food issue since I learned of the food shortages. I have dug down and I see what’s next to be dished out onto our plates.


There was a reason the numbers of deaths from covid have been so low and the reaction so high. A reason the god all the overwhelming proof, time after time. Why it was people died with covid-19 and not from covid-19. Despite all the holes in the story the (over the top) reaction was very real and it was for a reason, many reasons in fact.

One thing I’m quite sure of is there was never a virus. It was a combination of flu season (when it all began), the faulty tests, and straight up media hype.

To those that still think it was a virus created in a lab. A. That’s a conspiracy that was pushed by the MSM. B. Why make a virus in a level 4 lab if its not killing anyone more than usual. C. Scientists still have not isolated the SARS COV 2 virus.

Just 3 big things one can point to and there’s more we could point to as why it’s a bs theory, but it doesn’t matter. They will use that narrative in building a mock war with China, but that’s a whole other topic that I’m not going to get into here.

I’ll explain why I think they intentionally failed with the virus (aside from not having a virus to begin with) and why a food crisis is necessary in order to finalize their plans. However, before we get into that. Let’s go through some articles, shall we?

Pandemic: “A misleading term” well, no kidding?

“One virus, two diseases” “CoVid-20”. No, you’re not dreaming. They are in fact moving the goalpost, but there’s so much more!

Right, stop thinking of covid-19 as its own medical entity (because it never existed), it has evolved into a never ending frame of mind and it will indeed take a “all-of-Society-effort” to transform the world into a dysto err I mean utopia!

They go on to crap on vaccines. Which, yes, vaccines are junk science. However, it’s just there way of affirming that the vaccines won’t end the problem. Anyways, next article.

Right, the very thing we’ve said about the ‘deaths’ are in fact the underlying causes, not this ‘virus’.

People we’ve been setup. I’ll explain more as we go through. Just think back through the months. What was our arguments to the masktards about this ‘pandemic’.

Remember what was kept essential during that lockdowns? Access to smokes, alcohol and fast food. HMMMM 🤔

Wow, so you think the health measures actually made things worse. Like promoting more alcohol use, more stress = more smoking. Sedentary lifestyles? But hey let’s promote how awesome it is to go on safari from the sofa with a VR kit.

There’s plenty of examples of how staying inside was promoted as a great thing in the msm. I won’t waste time with that though.


“The consequences of inequality” oh boy! You know it! White people bad! lol no, but seriously. This is a big theme in their agenda. We’ll get to that also in a little bit.

Richard Horton of the Lancet says this is not a pandemic, “it’s a syndemic”. Right! Richard would know y’all, he plays his part in this agenda too.

Oh snap! We’re not all in this together! Thank goodness!

Cough Cough

Did you read that? Make room triple threat, we have a fourthy! Covid-19, the one scam(demic) to rule them all and in the darkness (of Bill Gates’ UN headquarters) bind’em!

They had to link covid-19 with food and environment. It’s the only way they will be able to push forward on those two agendas.

They needed a boogeyman that puts fear in the individual’s well being. Well, they successfully put the fear into the people, however they know they can only bullshit covid for so long. So now it’s time to redirect the focus and that’s what we are seeing here.

Over a year ago they were calling for the very thing that the Rockefeller institute was calling for in their “Reset The Table” back in July. Hey, maybe they should get together to promote this “radical rethink”...

Come to think of it, I do remember watching a stream on YouTube a few months ago 🤔... oh that’s right! They already did!

“Reimaging Food Systems: Driving Action For a Post-Covid World”

Oh, I bet you are excited to program the youth into eating your products.

If you haven’t noticed, the fake meat industry has been pushed to the forefront during this scamdemic. In part 6 of my pandemic series. I showed that Cargill had released their new plant based burger, right at the same time that they started closing down meat plants. The same Cargill, who played it’s role in Food chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game

The lancet seems to be a much bigger part of the scamdemic than I realized previously.

“A universal reference diet”, “undertaken at a global scale” What does that make you think of? Well my mind goes right to a global food council.

They have the cooperation, it’s called agenda 21. This plan to transform our diets has been around for a long time.

Forewarned Agenda: Food to be brought under Centralized Control

Yes and I’ve shown how they are going to implement this transformation on the local level in part 1 of my food chain series. They will do this on the local and regional levels of government.

Urban food production will be scaled up to meet the demands of citizens in their respective communities.

Here’s a recent study looking into how US cities can feed themselves.

A question is why? Well, scamdemic happened and some countries have literally closed their borders, cutting off their exports to the global supply chains. Chicken wings are testing positive for the coronavirus. Crops and livestock farms being shutdown due to the other food false flags.

They have built up the narrative for this very question: Can urban farming feed it’s population?

If not well there’s indoor farming, right World Wildlife Foundation?

Food waste is high on their table. Davos unveiled a smart food waste bin that’s uses AI to account for everything that’s thrown out.

They have a similar waste bin in China. It rewards you for recycling and punishes you for waste. In my opinion, at some point down the line, you won’t be able to spill a crumb without them knowing and condemning you for it.

Oh, you don’t even want to know what’s coming in terms of surveillance. Let’s continue.

Translation: We will burn and pillage and shorten those supply chains down to the local level.

Here they blame the hard working middle class for eating and killing the planet. Eating meat (sinner😱) instead of eating the food of the poor. Now tell me, who eats more cheap junk food and fast food than the poor? It’s what they can afford. Processed Crap!

Now mind you, if you are of the middle class (or what’s left of it) who likes partake in big fat steak. You should be getting it from a local farmer in your area. It’s just plain better to get your meat that way, than from an intensive feeding lot setup and thus supporting big AG, but I digress.

Ahh Equity! There’s that word again. You know a couple years ago I actually told people to look out for that word? No, really.


I shit you not. It was in an article I wrote called.

A Global Diet is Coming


That’s the end of that article. I want to now (since I’ve been researching the subject) show the type who are talking about the syndemic right now, because it sure ain’t US.

Now, the twitter user who I used is just an example and probably has little to no understanding of what is going on and probably think this is a good thing. I mean just look at what they are apart of! Either one of these linked websites I could probably dedicate an entire post to, with the crap that’s on them.

My point here is that WE need to get the word out before the mainstream narrative shifts and they move the goalpost, before they bait and switch the pandemic with the syndemic. Which I believe was the plan the whole time.

They are already starting to slowly change the narrative. The WHO just came out a couple days ago and reversed its stance on lockdowns.

I recently watched a speech by senator Dr.Scott Jensen. He was the dude who blew the whistle on the CDC dictating to doctors to mark covid-19 down as the cause of death on certificates. Well, just listen to his speech here.

What’s he pushing? The virus is real, trust in a vaccine, the health measures were a mistake (they are, not the point) minorities and a more holistic approach to the pandemic.

What? You mean to tell me this MFer is pushing the same damn narrative? How about Peggy hall and all these other alternative MFers that have been speaking out against the social distancing, lockdowns and etc, the ones stressing the underlying illnesses narrative?

Were they playing the controlled opposition role or were they like us (you and I) who were simply trying to point out that this virus wasn’t shit and probably fake altogether. That there is no pandemic.

Well, they tricked us, because they are going to reverse that shit and say, “This is not a pandemic, it’s a syndemic and guess what? This is never going away. Not until we transform the world and we have until 2030 to get it done”

7D chess y’all

I mean, the entire time the narrative sat there, telling us over and over. We knew the harms of the ‘health’ measures and we spoke out against it. Doctors/ scientists did too.

Can You Social Distance for Too long

Okay, now before I get to my last point. I wanted to show a bit more. This time from the Eat-Lancet Commission.

Look familiar?

Hey everyone! You can still have beef! 14 grams per day 😆 or more on your birthday 🤣

Okay so joking aside here are the 5 strategies for destroying I mean transforming our food system. I’ll spare you more screen shots and just give you a brief description.

Strategy 1

“Seek international and national commitment to shift toward healthy diets.”

Considering most governments are already on board with Sustainable Development, shouldn’t be much problem there.

Strategy 2

“Reorient agricultural priorities from producing high quantities of food to producing healthy food.”

Okay, shrink production of food. Well, with all the spontaneous bakery shop and pickle factory fires etc etc and the farm and meat closures due to covid TESTING etc etc. I’d have to say they are well on track for that as well.

Strategy 3

“Sustainably intensify food production to increase high-quality output.”

“Sustainably intensify”

I know I said I wasn’t going to screen shot them, but this one you gotta see with your own eyes.

Half Earth? Wow, is that what it will take to ‘save’ the world? Again another Agenda 21 plan, nothing new. In fact, the ‘rewilding’ Agenda is I progress place, pre and post covid.

CONserve-Nation: CPAWS Wants 50% of Canada Locked Up In Conservation

Bojo the clown has already pledged 30% of UK to conservation.

Strategy 5

“At least halve food losses and waste, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

I already covered the food waste issue, so we’ll move on to the conclusion.

I’ll spare you the crazy rambling of lunatics that basically say that this transformation of food diets and production will save about 11 million (Adult) lives annually as well as 80% of biodiversity and the planet, blah blah blah.

Just another group of scum who parrot the UN’s Sustainable Development

Agenda. However, this is definitely one of their blueprints for how they will ‘fight’ the Syndemic, with food transformation.

Just look at the founder of the Eat-Lancet Commission.

Who does she remind you of?


Alrighty jokes aside let’s get to my final point here.

Food Crisis 20/21 and beyond.

By now, surely you are aware that we are in a food crisis. This was all planned. Back in 2015 there was (Soros funded) simulation exercise called Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game which I covered in part 6 of my pandemic series

Part 1

Part 2

In that game they predicted 2 great food crises in a 10 year timeframe, the first occurring in 2020. The end result of the exercise was a global tax. Shocking, I know 🙄

Now we’re here and low and behold food shortages, floods, droughts, pestilence and spontaneous fires in food warehouses etc etc.

Tom Daschle: The man who was involved in the food security game exercise and was also ‘a victim’ in the anthrax attacks that occurred a week after 9/11. Warned us back in May of a famine of “Biblical porportions”

This food crisis will exacerbate non-communicable diseases (this included mental health btw) which covid-19 is being merged with. Voila! Now we’re tackling the syndemic which they happen to have a plan ready to go e.g. Reset The Table / Eat-Lancet Commission etc. Bam Agenda 2030!

There’s much darker things to come, but I’ll save that for another day.

Right now, I’m telling you. They are moving the goalpost, a bait and switch. The target and approach to this ‘pandemic’ is about to change. Help me get the word out. Call this narrative out. Tell your friends, tell your ‘truther’ friends what’s going down and how we have been duped all along.

I thank you for your time and attention here today. I’m off to continue my research. Until the next time!

Reporting from the Brave New World I am...


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