The CoronaviruS Pan(dem)ic Part 6: The Hunger Games [Part 1]

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”The New Normal is Volatility”

Hello dear friends, I hope you are all doing well. Are you prepped for the tough road ahead? Is your pantry stocked? Dearest friends, I’m afraid we are truly heading into a dark winter.

Where we will not only be dealing with the outrageous tyranny coming out of this ‘pandemic’ and it’s ‘second wave’ stronger restrictions this fall. We also have a much bigger and very real issue of food shortages in the not too distant future. (Don’t worry, this post won’t all be about dispair)

This is part 1 of a 2 part post. The link to part 2 is at the end of this post. I highly recommend you read part 2 as well. Very important information.

The Simulation

I’m sure that by now you’re all familiar with the predictive materials that have been going around early into the whole scamdemic event. You know, Event 201 and Lockstep and many others.

However, did you know about the (Soros funded) global food crisis exercise that took place in November of 2015? That predicted what is happening or about to happen right now?

It’s called “Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game”

“The year is 2020. Our global food system is under stress. All countries are experiencing mounting pressures.”

“Under this scenario, a group of leaders from government, the private sector, international institutions and NGOs will engage in a simulation to determine how they will react as the food supply becomes increasingly destabilized.”

If you just think about the name of this exercise “Food Chain Reaction”. They want you to think “Oh, it about the reaction to a struggling food chain”, but how I read it “Food, Chain Reaction. Means, disrupting our food to cause a chain reaction in order to accomplish their goals of further controlling of our food and us.

Now, I’d love to go to their website to investigate further, but unfortunately their website is gone and probably never coming back.

Fortunately there are still a few articles up on WWF and Cargill, bother big participants in the (dare I say?) ‘Hunger Games”

Written one year after the hunger game.

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel more reassured than with governments, corporations, and multilateral institutions get together and discuss the fate of humanity.

I know for sure that they will be thinking of me and my freedoms in the new normal going ahead. Eh? Notice how new normal is tossed around in this? You’ll get a real kick out of the next video I’ll include, which has the quote that I put in the beginning of my post.

Uh huh ‘One World’. Here’s the thing about 2050, we’re never getting to a population of 10 billion. Recently in the lancet they tell us about the global fertility crisis (we already knew about).

I’ve covered our population and global fertility many times, so I will stop here and continue on with the story at hand.

Do you want to guess what timeline is that 10 year period is for?

Haha yup! 2020-2030, of course!

Yeah, I guess ‘business as usual’ won’t cut it in the “new normal” will it Molly Jahn? The woman with the quote from nearly 5 years ago. (They misquote her in this article btw)

You’ll hear the line at the 6:33 mark of the video. Also a special appearance from John Podesta (yup, that guy) at the 7 minute mark.

Who is Molly Jahn?

Dr. Molly Jahn is a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she holds appointments in the Department of Agronomy, the Nelson Institute, the Global Health Institute (on leave 2019-20 for Government Service), and a $0 appointment in the Wisconsin School of Law. She teaches a course entitled, “Systems Thinking,” required for the UW-Madison Sustainability Certificate, which appears to be unique in higher education and is regularly noted by undergraduates to be transformative. She is on leave for government service for the academic year 2019-20, on contract from NASA HQ and Guest Faculty at the U.S. Naval War College in the Ethics of Emerging Military Technologies Program. Jahn is also Adjunct Senior Research Scientist at Columbia University where she collaborates with a DARPA-funded group, and she is a Special Government Employee at NASA. The Jahn Research Group ( focuses on domestic and global food system stability and security operating on the University of Wisconsin campus in a federal building under a Cooperative Agreement for Research and Development with the U.S. Government. In 2019, her work appeared in a wide range of publications including peer-reviewed science journals, the Middle East Quarterly, the Journal of International Relations, TIME, a major report published by Lloyd’s of London on Evolving Risk in the Global Food System, the U.S. Army War College Report “Implications of climate change for the U.S. Army,” and a book commissioned by the Special Operations Combatant Command (SOCOM) focused on unleashing strategic latency in a revisionist world order. She serves as editor for the PLoS-One channel, “Crop science, food security and food systems,” and is the Director of a non-profit organization, Knowledge Systems for Sustainability Consortion (KSS), a global network anchored at premier research institutions focused on building and testing decision-relevant knowledge systems. Her innovative approaches to inter-sector, international, transdisciplinary partnerships; her engagement with emerging institutions; her active commitments to work with deeply challenged communities in the U.S. and abroad; and her integrated, very large projects focused on impact and technology transfer; have been highlighted widely in academic and popular press. In 2017, Jahn received the highest award from the Milwaukee Public Schools, “Excellence in Education,” for her work with a community of students, teachers, administrators, industry and higher education to found the Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences, modeled after and greatly assisted by colleagues at the Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences.”

I have never heard of this woman before, but she isn’t just some random “Catch You Next Tuesday” from hell. She’s prolific behind the scenes and without a doubt that quotable phrase she put out in that food security game video was more than just for effect, it was a warning on what is to come. What is coming now.

Translation: They want to separate us from nature and feed us synthetic goop, bug bars and Soylent green (cannibalism).

Cargill has been a big player for sure. Then and now, but I will get into that later on. That’s it for this article.

Yay!!! The answer is something they’ve already been pushing for at least a decade now.

Insult to Injury: Why We Must Oppose the WHO Global Tax Proposals

Ahh, 2 major food crises? Well, I suppose if they don’t succeed entirely in the first one, they’ve got another one in the works.

Daschle then.

Daschle now.

That’s all I have on food chain reaction: a global food security game. Oh, except a video to the follow up meeting on this.

Famine 2020

“Thrust into severe hunger by the virus” Ah ha! Remember in the food chain reaction promo vid (the first one I linked) they mentioned disease as a factor.

Buddy has on a face mask and a UN hat. 😂

Lebanon was already is a state of severe food shortages and hyperinflation, when their port (through which they receive most of their food imports was almost completely obliterated by an explosion (cough attack cough cough) over a week ago.

The blast may not have been main cause for the disruption on food supplies and the upheaval of Lebanon’s government. However, it sure helped to expediate the outcome.

Upside: Fortunately, Not all of the port was destroyed and it appears that efforts are being made to make sure Lebanon does not “run out of bread”.

Downside: They are receiving help from the United Nations. 🤨

Anyways, I made a recent video on the Beirut explosion that you can check out here. With that said, back to the rest of the article I started with.

Covid-19 didn’t cause the problem, but it is certainly being used to accelerate the pre-existing crisis in some areas and manufacture them in other areas.

Creating A Calorie Crisis

People, we have a serious issue with crop failures, getting worse every year. However, since the unleashing of the plandemic, there has been efforts to spoil and destroy our food supplies, using the guise of ‘outbreaks’.

They purposely built up a system to fail. Remember that line “Regional Food Hubs” because it will play an important part in their agenda 21 plan.

Rosa Koire gives a excellent example of how these will work at the 15 minute mark of this interview.

I have more to say on this, but I will save it for my next post.

You don’t say? Hey, what else happened in April?

Did you know that bird flu outbreaks (among chicken farms) were happening at the same time as the ‘novel coronavirus’ in China? Well, the bird flu continues to strike poultry populations around the world and I suspect that without a doubt it will be hitting the US in due time.

When it does hit North America, you can bet that they will be coming for your backyard birds.

They come for your birds while at the same time, look at what else they are trying to do.

Mmm diseased meat! It also mentions in the article that chicken sandwiches have been one of the most popular meals in America during the scamdemic. Whose chickens do you think you can trust? The corporation that wants to process diseased poultry, or your neighbors backyard bird?

The previous article reminds me of what the FDA did a few months back.

“Hey guys, these Doritos have no calories! Woo hoo!”

“If a company says ‘it’s made with real butter,’ they have to stick with that,” he said. “But if a company doesn’t have vanilla extract for their chocolate chip cookies, they can substitute a minor ingredient like that. They are balancing these changes with disruptions in the food supply.”

Here comes the cricket flour and roach milk! 🤮

These potatoes were saved, but what about potatoes elsewhere?

There it is, they required an explanation to how the scam continues. Purpose stated. So they intentionally infect the food with a ‘SAMPLE’ of the virus and viola! Stay away from imported foods. After all it is a massive market and is in direct conflict with “regional food hubs” (we will get into that later).

I think Jeff C might be onto a solution of our chicken wing spreaders though.

😆 ahh, just needed some stupid comedy for a moment before continuing.

Okay, you get the point though. They’re throwing away food, but that’s far from the end to the attacks on our food supply chain. Remember last year, we had reports of animal rights groups busing to farms and holding protests. Well, I’m not finding much on it this year (probably due to covid), however activists have posted a interactive map showing locations to animal farms around the US.

Most recently, as The Intercept reported on Friday, activists with the organization Direct Action Everywhere captured footage of a harrowing mass kill method called ventilation shutdown. The closure of meatpacking plants due to Covid-19 outbreaks has left farmers with nowhere to take mature livestock; in response, they have exterminated millions of animals. One particularly torturous tactic involves corralling pigs into a barn, closing the doors and windows, and shutting down the ventilation system. “This causes the buildup of excessive temperature and moisture from body heat and respiration of the animals and results in death from hyperthermia,” according to guidelines from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, which endorses ventilation shutdown in “constrained circumstances.”

Look, I’m not even mad about this type of effort on the part of these animal rights groups, because the meat industry is right fucked! It’s a totally secret, slimey and cruel industry. However, it was absolutely 100% setup this way for the purpose of failing one day. These activists are just part of that destruction.

These people (although many just acting on compassion) are unwittingly serving the beast system, that wants to destroy all meat consumption in order to bring in their biotech lab food creations.

Before this crime of the century scamdemic hit, I wrote an article on the end of animal agriculture.

“The Cow Must Go”: “Protein Disruption” & Nanobot Consumption By 2030

I believe we are reaching that great protein disruption now. Through a combination of (intentional) bad design, sabotage and a natural occurrence known as the grand solar minimum, but I digress. We have more to look at.

Don’t focus on the food supply and ensuring protections for harvests. Let’s worry about the irrational fear of migrant workers over a scamdemic. Perfect! 👌🏻

Just another kink in the food supply chain.

I have to end the post here, because my post is too large to fit into one so I had to split it up into 2 parts. So if you got this far please head over to part 2. There’s information you really don’t want to miss.

Part 2:

Reporting from the Brave New World I am...


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