The CoronaviruS Pan(dem)ic Part 6: The Hunger Games [Part 2]

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Hello dear friends, well I had to split up my post into two parts. This is part 2, if you haven’t read part 1 please do that before you read this post.

Part 1

Small farmers under threat of “Extinction”

(2020 article on the left and 2019 article on the right)

So even with bumper crops of soy and corn (I know, GMOs), small farmers are getting hurt bad with over-supply and low demand, courtesy of covid shutdowns of buyers.

To add on top of that they bad weather has been striking.

More storms are on the way. The twin hurricanes are expected to strike while I’m writing this section of my post. Likely we’ll hear of more crops damaged in the aftermath.

Countries all over The world are having crop troubles.

Buckle up for a bumpy ride there, UK!

I’m not a fan of pesticides but it’s pretty obvious that cutting off access to one of your only tools to control a serious pest issue is clearly why it’s as big of an issue in over 70 years! Seriously! Durrr!

Typhoon Bavi Hit NE China | Food Crisis Is Getting Worse

I’ll move on from that but I’ll leave a link to this crop loss map, courtesy of the Iceagefarmer

TP and the evil hoarders

I’m sure you remember the whole ordeal with toilet paper shortages and the buy limits on certain food items.

The toilet paper thing was a psyop to show that people were too stupid to buy responsibly. I have no doubt that this will be used at a later point to bring in the argument that governments need to control and ration supplies out to us.

They don’t want us to stock up on supplies, just check out these two articles for example.

“Keep calm and stop hoarding” 😂 🤣

How about you shut the___ well anyways.

Don’t worry about it. You only need 14 days worth of supplies. Your government comes with a 15 day or less guarantee that they can fix any problem with supplies of food and water, didn’t you know? Now stop being selfish comrade.

“long term hoarding” you mean preparations? Honestly, these people are scumbags! Never forget who pushed the scamdemic, NEVER!

... stocking up on emergency supplies is an illness, being prepared is an illness called “hoarding”

The writers of this article, Brad brooks and Andrew Hay... you’re just really bad people okay?

Yeah, stock up on junk food. Pfft Scumbag. Mockingly suggest junk food which has a immune suppression effect on the body. Good one! You’re a virologist right? Fantastic!

While they were telling you not to be a selfish hoarder.

Right and will those green beans be rationed out by soldiers like they are planning to do in the UK?

Hey, what’s the deal? Where’s the US’ food reserves? Don’t they already have food for this kind of thing? Oh wait...

Oh, okay. Carry on.

Well, there ya go. While the msm was telling you not to be a jerk and stock up on supplies, your government was buying as much as they could get their stinking paws on. All with your tax dollars!

Why? Ostensibly to aid those in need. The real reason is something I’ll cover in my follow up post on their ‘solutions’.

What really pisses me off with the US situation is that so much of it is a direct result of their efforts to destroy the food supply. A huge part of it was halting businesses (restaurants) and killing demand for food which totally screwed many farmers over. Factory and farm shut downs due to the covid-boogeyman testing. Also shortage of tin and labels (due to disputes with China) was another reason for shortages at the grocery stores. But nah, it was those selfish hoarders. Not the government hoarders, you the consumer.

“The Darkest Winter in modern History”

This quote comes from a former director at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) turned whistleblower Rick Bright.

Even though he was warning about the severity of the second wave. I strongly feel that there is much more to that warning. Not to mention his last name is ‘Bright’ talking about a dark Winter, it’s unlikely to be just a ‘coincidence’.

There’s been a few references to ‘Dark Winter’ during this scamdemic and naturally (if you done your research) that would point you to another pandemic exercise, like Event 201 only this one took place 19 years earlier. The simulation in 2001 came to life when a string of anthrax attacks occurred 1 week after 9/11.

Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed out were mailed to several news media offices and to Democratic Senators Tom Daschle? Wow! Mr. “Famine of biblical proportions” and an attendee at Food Chain Reaction hunger game. What a coincidence!

“We have shown that a democracy can respond as well as a dictatorship to emergencies”

Haha, right. Translation: A democracy can turn into a dictatorship using an emergency as justification.

Tom Clancy’s The Division E3 Breakdown Trailer. - notice the corona (sun) symbolism in this. Also the disruption of the global supply chain.

I’ve noticed (and probably you have too) how the term Dark Winter is being applied to both the COVID-19’s (planned) second wave, as well as the winter seasons ahead due to the unusual grand solar minimum we are in now.

🎵Black hole sun won’t you come🎵

A solar lockdown? Wow, just like our covid-19 lockdowns yuk yuk. This is why they picked a CORONAvirus for their scamdemic. It’s all about the symbolism to these elitist douchebags.

The sun effects climate and weather? Who would of thunk it?

These are two (of many) important videos to watch by IceAgeFarmer (who has been a valuable resource in my research)

Grand Solar Minimum: Fake Science? 5min intro to Literature:

SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum

I think Christian makes some very astute analysis on the situation here, that aligns with what I have been thinking about over these past few months.

The End

We have made it to the end! I didn’t expect it to be this long ( I never do). I just couldn’t stop and I hate splitting up my work. I appreciate all of y’all, no matter how far you manage to get in on one of my posts. However, I do hope to make it here, because remember what I said at the beginning of this post? I said that it wouldn’t all be dispair.

We still have time and a chance to prepare ourselves. I promise you that if you work hard, we can make it through, we can weather the storm, no matter how’s many years of hardship or brings us. I said I am writing a follow up post to this, that will cover their ‘solutions’.

However, while I do that, I am going to also post updates and tips on my preparation for the long road ahead. I will show the gear, the food, etc. Plus you will get to see the step by step creation of my indoor garden setup.

I’m very excited to share of this with you so I hope you can pop by and maybe support me in whatever way that you can, even if it’s just a like or a share, it means everything to me.

As always, thank you so much and until next time.

Reporting from the Brave New World I am...

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